Nice watch for a 14 years old girl, opinions needed!

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  1. We want to get my youngest daughter a nice watch for her b-day (she will be 14).
    I have a hard time deciding/finding anything.

    It should be a nice sporty watch steel, no leather band, nothing girly, or very blingy, lil bling is fine.

    We want smth solid, wellmade but no highend brands, I believe she is too young for that.

    Phhh any suggestions ?
    I looked around but have seen only a lot of bling, tacky stuff or really expensive ones etc.
  2. I think Coach has a nice line of watches. Also, try checking out Swatch, especially their Irony line :yes:
  3. What about Skagen? They're pretty cool.. well made, durable and not TOO expensive... lots of different styles and metal colours! I have a couple of their watches and they're perfect for everyday use when my other watches seem a bit too flashy... Worth a look!

    Good luck deciding!! :tup:
  4. Thanks mocha I checked toywatch, nice watches but they don't ship to europe I asked if they have retailers here, waiting for their answer.

    Kittie I will check on coach, swatch is a bid "under" what I am thinking not sturdy enough.

    Lisa I don't know Skagen I will check thanks
  5. How about Fossil? Or a Seiko?
  6. What about an entry level movado ?
  7. I second the casio baby G! Or a nice seiko/citizen.
  8. Oh! Kitsunegrl pointed out Fossil. I definitely second that. For my 16th birthday, I got a Fossil watch. :smile:
  9. i got a movado when i was around was my first "nice" watch....i think it's classy but still can be young
  10. Thanks for the input , I was thinking about Seiko or Tissot but just didn't see any nice ones around. It has to be real dials so Casio is ruled out, had forgotten about Citiziens, will check.
  11. a seiko is always nice
  12. I second the recommendation for Swiss Army, it was my first "real" watch when I was 17. The watch was a classic stainless steel style that held up very well for several years of wear, and was reasonably priced (under $500).