Nice wallets anyone can recommend???

  1. Hey! i am looking for a nice wallet that i can use for a long time! i haven't found any that i thought was wow!!

    Have anyone got any that they can recommend?? i want it to be different and funky looking.....

  2. I just purchased my first Marc Jacobs Quilted Zipped Clutch and all I can say is - WOW! It fits so much and is so versatile! I'd def. recommend it.
  3. What's your budget? Must it be leather? Do you prefer zip-around wallets or otherwise?
  4. hmm..i dont have a budget..i dont mind splashing out on one if i know it would last me for ages! i don't change my wallets that often, just bags i do!

    I like long wallets where you can put a lot of stuff in them, whether its has zips all the way round or just a button shut one
  5. I'm hard on wallets (i over stuff them), so I tend to stay away from spending a lot on them. I've been very happy with the styles and durability Tusk puts out.
  6. Another vote for the Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch. It holds a ton and keeps it all nicely organized.
  7. Isabella Fiore makes great wallets that are very functional.
  8. I like Coach wallets...
  9. I have a Cole Haan wallet that wears like iron, plus the leather is beautiful, and I didn't pay a whole ton for it....I think it was $90 or $100.....
  10. I agree with the MJ zip clutch. Even the Marc by Marc Jacobs ones are nice, though, and very roomy.
  11. I just bought about amonth ago one from her bamoo line. I highly recommend it. I can't find a picture though...

    I bought it over the MBMJ wallets/clutches.
  12. I tend to overstuff my wallets and I've been very impressed with how well the Lodis long clutch one I bought a few years ago has held up. I only switched out of it due to my Hayden Harnett addiction. Lodis has lots plenty of colorful designs if you're into that.
  13. Not sure about wallets, but I've now had two Lodis business card holders that have come unglued and split. The second one I made a point to not jam full, and I've had it less than a month and it's coming apart.

    The wallets might be fine though.
  14. Juicy Couture has some fun, colorful wallets.