Nice trousers for an european size 50-52 (UK 18)?

  1. :heart:Hello gals!Do you know any online store that sells nice trousers for women EU size 50-52 (about UK 18) and ships to Italy?:smile::jammin: Thanx ladies!:heart:
  2. Monsoon go up to size 22, I'm sure they ship within EU.
  3. Thanx!!Will have a look!!:tup:;):p
  4. really Moonsoon ship to EU? I will take a look! :biggrin:
    I wish Zara and H&M ship to Italy sobb!
    Stefy, they also told me that the Gucci website now sells also to Italy online, I'll take a look!
  5. I just checked, they only ship to UK. sorry :sad:

  6. Oh,don't you worry were sooo kind to answer my question and help me :heart:

    Thanx Ali,i had a look to the Gucci website,but i stopped on the bags section... :drool:
    Will have a look!!:nuts:
  7. Just as a thought: if your hometown location allows it, you could ge a cheap day ticket to London with ryanair and shop for the day. I'm going to Rome next month to pick up a few things, lol!
  8. Really???That's great my dear,have fun in Rome!! You're right,Ryanair has great fees...i'll try to come back to London in a short time,i'm sooo in love with this city....:love::love::love:
  9. I love London so much too!!! :heart::heart::heart: