nice to come home to new coach!

  1. kinda having a stressful wk and it is nice to go home knwoing my fedex box is there! DH bought me the enw bleeker wristlet in black sig and there was a slip from fed ex saying it is in our appartment office. we got home too l8 yesterday but i can get it today.
  2. Yay congrats!!!
  3. I love it when there are coach goodies waiting for me at home. :love:
  4. Congrats
  5. Congrats and sorry about your work. It'll get better soon. Post pics ASAP please!
  6. congrats!!!! can't wait to see pics!!
  7. Congrats, hope next week is less stressful! Pictures, please! :biggrin:
  8. lol we accidentally packed our camera (moving in 3 wks)
  9. That is such a great feeling!!
  10. Yay thats awesome! I can't wait to see your pictures!
  11. Yippeee, new Coach is always a good remedy.
  12. it came in a little tattersal boxw a tattersal shopping bag. so cute!!