Nice Things or Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Hello all. This is the first thread I've ever had the pleasure of starting. I've noticed that alot of threads are about people being mean, rude, inconsiderate to us, which I get alot of as well but today I had something really nice happen that I'd like to share.

    When I got back from lunch there were colorful sheets of paper in everyones mailbox. I didn't give it much thought as it's usually an insurance notice or some other insignificant thing. Well, happy Friday, my boss has invited all of the staff and a guest to join him and his wife for snacks and "beverages" and....... are you ready for this?

    Bob Dylan.:yahoo: :wlae::jammin:

    It's on his 3rd annual tour of Minor League Baseball stadiums. That just seems like the cherry on top of the sundae for the show to be open air. I am sooo excited I could just wet myself.

    OK boys and girls? What's a nice thing that someone has done for you just out of the blue?
  2. I'm excited for you!!!! What a generous thing. I have never had something that nice happened to be before. You have to tell us all about it.
  3. wow that is a really nice thing to do!!!!!!! My bosses have all been yucky mean people!
  4. I am telling you I felt sooo bad for all of you and your horrible boss/coworker/roomate tales. I could not imagine! Yes, I am very fortunate to have a nice boss. He's laid back and generous.

    The show isn't until Sept. 5th. Maybe by then I'll have mastered the art of using the beastly digital camera I have and be able to post some pictures. The only way I know to post them now is to have someone e-mail them to me and copy & paste.

    But come on now I just cannot be alone..... The world just cannot be that cold and heartless.

    Not just bosses, anyone. It's Friday and even though I've got a, from the sounds of it, rare breed for a boss, there must be someone out there somewhere that has had something nice happen to them lately. Share with us, restore my faith in humanity.
  5. The nicest thing that happened to me was last year. I was complaining about my daughters tuition (she wasn't working hard enough on her grades) and my boss overheard the conversation. He pulled me aside a week later and handed me the rest of the $. He has strong thoughts on education and wanted the best for her knowing I would pull her out in a heartbeat.

    He's always been great to his employees but this was something that touched my heart!
  6. See, now I knew that I couldn't be alone in this big 'ol cold world. That's what I call an awesome boss. Must have had some great karma built up behind you serendipity.
  7. Well one of the nicest things that ever happend to me was that around 5 years ago my husband lost his job and also health coverage for me and the kids. I went to my boss and asked if I could pick up the health coverage and pay the normal amount for the family plan. He really liked me and me him, and he offered to pick up the whole family plan for me and the company would pay for it. I was speechless. I couldn't believe he would come through for me like that when I really needed help. I was very touched.
  8. Bob Dylan. cool.

    my aunt and uncle saw him a few years ago... hopefully he'll be a little more nice for your show - he didn't even say hi to the audience - just played his set and walked out. but still, it was an amazing set. Have fun!!! :smile:
  9. I'm suprised that he's still out and about playing shows at all, let alone thrilled about it. Even if he isn't over cordial - I just want to absorb some of his musical genius before he isn't able to share it. I'll take what I can get and be thankful for it:yes:
  10. Awwww, that was nice of your boss to do that!!!
  11. Adriane, lucky you! Thanks for starting a heartwarming thread.

    Well, I can't remember something really nice happening to me personally in the past few months but this letter printed in the local (Singapore) Straits Times made me smile:

    From the Forum Page – Straits Times, Monday 31 July 2006

    A recent incident restored my faith in mankind.

    On July 19, I was returning to my home in ....... Road with my dog, Dinu.

    I called for an SMRT cab and one came.

    We were traveling along Admiralty Road East when we saw a lorry run over a stray dog.

    My taxi driver asked if I minded if he stopped to help the dog.

    When I said “no”, he quickly got out to see to the injured dog. Another car stopped as well. A couple came forward to assist us.

    We tried calling the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

    A passing Auxiliary Police van then stopped to help because we had problems reaching the dog, which was in a drain.

    Two workers passing by also stopped to see if they could do anything.

    Then the couple decided they would take the dog to a vet in Stevens Road.

    In the midst of all this, my cab driver kept asking me if it was okay with me or did I want to continue my journey home.

    In the end we managed to tie the dog’s mouth and slowly ease it into the car. The cabby and the man had climbed into the drain to get the dog.

    I was very impressed with all of them.

    The taxi driver, who later dropped me at my home, offered to charge only the fare I usually paid instead of the $14.90 shown on the meter.

    The couple went out of their way to take the dog to the vet and must have paid the dog’s medical bill as well.

    And the lorry driver who hit the dog in the first place?

    He left once he saw the dog was not dead. He did not offer any assistance to the animal he had injured.

    Despite this, I am very glad I met some decent human beings after all.

    I would like to thank the couple, the driver of the SMRT taxi, the Auxiliary Police on patrol and the workers.

    It is people like this who make the world a better place to live in.

    P ... M... V... (Mrs)
  12. This was last summer-as many of you know, I take care of children for a living. I am very good friends with a woman named Christina who is a nanny and takes care of 6 year old twins during the summer months.

    Well, last summer, Christina and I had all our charges in the local Carvel. We must have had 6 kids between us. We proceeded to order ice cream for the kids (and ourselves!) and distribute it to everyone.

    After all of that was done, Christina goes to pay and she is told that it was already taken care of. She looks at me and asks if I paid, i replied no. The guy behind the counter directs us to the manager who says that the man who had been in the Carvel when we first got there had given the manager $50 and told him to use it to pay for whatever we ordered, then the man left. He gave no name, nothing and the manager said he had no idea who he was, just that the man told the manager not to say anything to us until after he left. and the manager had never seen him before!

    Christina and I were shocked! This is NY-people don't just buy you stuff for no reason! LOL Needless to say-it made our day.