Nice surprise!!!!!

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  1. I have been lusting for a Watercolor Speedy in White since last summer, but could never fine one available. I'm not a experienced ebay shopper, so I didn't want to take a chance. I called several stores in major cities, the 866 and did many searches online. But I always came up with nothing. I know one is available on fashionhile, but again, I wanted my very own new bag.
    Much to my surprise, I happened to browse into the K of P store on Friday (usually working on Friday, but took off 1/2 day) and there in the showcase behind glass is a WC Speedy in White !!!!!!! OMG, I almost had a heart attack. The SA asked if I wanted to see it. I said NO, I Want it! Wrap it up Now before someone else comes in and sees it. Couldn't believe my eyes. ASked the store manager where it came from and he said it came in a new shipment with other bags, and he couldn't believe it either. IF I hadn't gone into the store that day, I'm sure it would have sold over the weekend. I can't believe my luck.:yahoo::yahoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  2. Nice surprise indeed! Congrats!
  3. It was meant to be.
    Congrats on finding your bag!!
  4. It was meant to be !!!! :happydance: i have the white WC and I LOVE IT !!!!! CONGRATS . You will love using her!!!!
  5. SHB....Do you use a base shaper at all?
  6. Congratulations!
  7. Must have been meant to be! Congrats and enjoy it.
  8. congrats!!It is one of my favourites

    You should post some pics
  9. Don't you just love fate!
  10. Wow what an awesome surprise! I would've been beside myself with excitement! Congratulations... can't wait to see pics! :biggrin:
  11. It was shipped especially for you, it was destiny!
  12. wow. i'm shocked that they had one after all this time. It was meant to be. Congrats!
  13. Congrats!! You were obviously meant to have it!
  14. so happy for you....congrats!!!
  15. Yaayy!! Congrats!! Can you post pics for us?