Nice story about the SF LV party in today's Chronicle

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  1. Interesting artic;le....thanks for the link!!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Thanks for sharing.
  4. thanks that was interesting...glad that they scooped up MJ...he kind of drew me to LV and this forum of course...MJ is good for LV and business
  5. Damn Gavin was there! I should of went. Grr.
  6. thanks for posting this
  7. I wonder if people were able to talk to Gavin.
  8. Very cool. Thanks for sharing! I'm originally from The Bay and I so miss the LV store on Geary...
  9. thanks!
  10. Thanks for sharing. The store certainly look impressive.
  11. The store is better then before, but i think it should have been bigger haha!
  12. Gavin looked better when he was a supervisor, the stress from being mayor has eaten away at him a bit. Don't get me wrong, he is still a good-looking man. Last time I saw him, though, he looked like someone had dunked him in a vat of plastic--nary a hair moved on him, even though a fair amount of wind was blowing through it.
  13. Sounds like it was an amazing party!
  14. Thanks for posting!! There was also an article about the Scottsdale LV boutique in today's East Valley Tribune!