Nice sterling silver jewelry under $100?

  1. Anyone know of a good site to get some pretty sterling jewelry that is under $100? Thanks!
  2. Really? No one has any tips?
  3. This place has mostly cubic zirconia in silver, but maybe there is something you like there. I have bought from them, they are reputable.
  4. I've considered buying here, the stuff looks nice- I'd also look at QVC- no joke... they have some really reasonable prices and their stuff is usually good quality for the price. Plus, good return policy. What about Overstock too? They have some neat things in silver, especially in their "worldstock" section.
  5. I have some silpada pieces that are very nice & were all under $100.
    I don't know if that sells online though, got @ a jewelry party.

    What type were you looking for? bracelets? necklace? earrings?
    I bought a cute pair of ss/18k earrings from smartbargains recently.
  7. I was going to suggest QVC as well. I have necklace from them with sterling silver oval links and freshwater pearls. It's beautiful, excellent quality and I get a ton of compliments on it. It was only $100, but it looks like it was much more expensive! also has cheap, nice quality stuff. DISCLAIMER: Some of their pieces are "designer inspired," not fakes, but definitely copies. But if that doesn't bother you, you should check it out...
  8. Thanks ladies-going to check out QVC. I would like to look for a bracelet. Thanks for the info

    has a nice selection of well made (some tiffany inspired) sterling jewelry
  10. Yes, I love their stuff!