Nice stacking ring? (Opinions needed!)


Sep 4, 2006
New Burn, North Carolina
A little while ago one of our local jewelry stores closed and I went to their blowout sale. I tried on a nice, white gold ring with diamonds priced at about $550 (1/4 ish carat weight). I didn't buy it at the time, but I've been looking for a similar style ever since.

I stumbled across this online at Zales. I don't really care that it's a promise ring ;) It seems like a good deal, no? It's only $200, and while the gold quality isn't great, it's a bit sparkly... Maybe this can tide me over until I find the perfect right hand ring.

(I'm still saving for the locket... I've just been looking for a few different pieces to add to my collection.)


Feb 4, 2009
That's a bit much to spend on junk, IMO. I'd save the money for the nicer ring or buy a nice perfume or something to tide myself over.