Nice Ski Resorts in NY,NJ,CT???

  1. Been looking for a nice ski resort in the tri-state area with good lodging amenities (4 season-pool,a sauna, jacuzzi ) with cheap deals...

    Been to Hunter and Wyndham (not quite nice lodging amenities as Hunter)...

    Anyone knows where to go? :confused1:

    BTW, NOT a pro here lol so im not looking into challenging terrains :p
  2. I personally would recommend going the extra hour or two up to Stratton in Vermont. There's even a shuttle that goes right from Manhattan, if I recall correctly. It is an absolutely gorgeous mountain with trails of all types--Wanderer is one of the best "easy" trails I've ever skiied. The environment, lodgings, shopping and just about everything there (not to mention the people) is soooo much better than at either Hunter (which IMPO is like the Bronx, but with snow. Who the hell needs to smoke a cigarette while they're skiing?! LOL) or Wyndham.
    Stratton is awesome.
  3. i know windham has built an entirely new resort/hotel adjacent to the moutain..i love it, esp midweek
    they have jacuzzi, sauna, gym & lots of snow now..they also have a really nice new spa in town.. i was just there and had a blast
  4. Vermont has some great resorts... Stowe is really quite is Killington and Stratton. I'd take the extra few hours and head up there.
  5. There's not really any decent skiing in NJ. Most NJ locals go to the Poconos for a quick ski trip & up to Vermont for real skiing.
  6. I love skiing in Vermont. Mount Snow isn't too bad either. Nice and quiet and the terrain is great for moderate skiing.