Nice scarf, but weird FB - would you bid?

  1. No way, no how. Very strange indeed!
  2. No I wouldn't chance it!
  3. I would not. Really odd.
  4. Hmm, I think he's just trying to advertise about some online gig that makes lots of money? Weird.
  5. As a seller, I don't need anyone email address...
    so I think
    DONT DO IT!!!!
    too many scammers.. my email has been so abused from eBay.
    I get many emails to make my thing bigger, I don't have any thing! So many from buying out of china....its not worth it.
    Ask the seller why they need your email to ask a question?
    Lets see what happens.
  6. It's strange indeed. Why does a seller want a buyer's email address before auction closes?
  7. If you look at description of e-books she bought (I am assuming it is a "she" b/c of the username - Kelly Wong), they are all "get rich quick" types. Who knows what she learned from those books...
  8. It's probably a fake Hermes. Yep, they fake them too! One of the things I learned about when I hung out at the eBay forums was they'd build up feedback by buying those e-books, then try to sell a fake scarf. I can understand ONE e-book, but five?

    Nice catch by the way, so few people check feedback it seems. The whole thing stinks to a scam and I feel for the people who bid. IF they aren't shillers for the seller!
  9. I wouldn't bid. I have a policy that if there is anything fishy looking about the listing of the FB, I don't bid. far, so good.
  10. Someone did, and won for 62.00GBP. That is $124.00! Feel sorry for them.
  11. ^^^Oh no, another dispute waiting in the wings.
  12. VERY iffy...:sweatdrop: i WOULD NOT bid...:tup:
  13. Sure! It was a French buyer, poor girl!!! :sad:
    I checked back: the auction is removed by eBay and the seller (kelly wong) seems to be NARUd? :tup: Found no-one with that ID with the matching feedback in the member-search!