Nice sale at Neimans today

  1. I was at Neimans today and they had 3 Chanel bags on sale:

    1. The small lavender soft lambskin flap for $953.25
    2. The Fur Chanel for $852.75
    3. The small and very large patchwork bags---the small one was $994.50.

    My very helpful SA is Cynthia Smith at 949-759-1900, ext 2144. Or toll free 800-395-1036. There is also a very nice SA named Cindy.

    I hope some great members get these bags!!!! Good luck.
  2. Were these at Fashion Island?
  3. Yes, Fashion Island is the place.:yes:
  4. I:heart:Fashion Island
  5. The small lavender soft lambskin flap for $953.25 is tempting me :graucho:
    but I need to be strong and look for a medium or jumbo.
    Sure isn't easy...

  6. Lisa--be strong and wait for what you really want. I must admit it was a really cute bag though. ;)
  7. Hilarys, is the small soft lambskin flap the east/west classic flap or is it the flap with the big CC clasp? or just the plain small classic flap?
  8. Lavender? Ooh!
  9. ^ gooooo steph!!!!! :graucho:
  10. It was the small classic flap, but there was only one so call to see if its still there. Good luck. It was so cute.