Nice Press on Saskia...

  1. I really like the Satchel, but I prefer the Tote colors more... that's what's holding me back about this bag.
  2. :hysteric:
    make some exciting bags again chloe!!!!
  3. Agree, it's nice, but not a TDF bag, (watch, I'll eat those words....LOL). Saw the white satchel IRL, beautiful, but wasn't 100% in love.
  4. I like it, but it's not causing me to lose any sleep like the Paddy did! I just can't get into the lucite handles...anybody else :shrugs:
  5. not really a fan of these..the tote is somewhat cute actually..
  6. I quite like the smaller of the two but I don't think it has as much about it as the Paddy does, this bag seems like a grower rather than an instant wow. So maybe we'll all be wanting one in a few months????
  7. I think they look cute right now, however, lucite can tend to be a bit on the trendy will we feel about them in a year?? Could be here to stay for a while or gone next season. :s
  8. Lucite handles?
    Lucite heels remind me of stripper shoes (ok that's off topic LOL)... Lucite handles? I'm scared of them turning yellow or losing the shine coat.
  9. Girls, today I went to the chloe shop, and believe me this bag is TDF!!!
    The bag is big,the leather is fantastic and the handles give the 70s looking bag a real kick.
    But I have to admit that on pictures the bag doesn't look that good like IRL.
    For me it's time to save money and sell something a eBay . . . I just need this bag.


  10. The totes are gorgeous!
  11. I love the rest of the bag but i just can't dig those handles...
  12. I don't particularly like the handles either, but other than that I can imagine this bag being really nice IRL...
  13. I'm a massive fan of this bag! I've seen it IRL and I love all the styles but the Tote style (as shown on the link) and Shoulder style (not shown on the link) are my favs:love:

    I have absolutely no doubt I will have to buy one of these babes before the season is out :sweatdrop:
  14. I adore the Saskia too - love the aqua fresh and that lovely deep red... ehck, I'd like one in every colour!

    The tote looks like it would be awkward to carry and I haven't seen the shoulder style... anyone have a pic?