Nice outfit Scarjo!

  1. Someone who wears her shorts/belt higher than Rachel Ray? lol not possible you say? think again...:wtf:

    Image from Popsugar.
  2. WoW she looks really bad to me..i dont like her tattoo either..i hope its not permanent :sick:
  3. Is that a nose ring? She looks dumpy and unbathed!
  4. She's short waisted.... so I guess nothing is working out.
  5. I hate those colors together, ahh. Not her best look for sure... she can turn it out when she wants to and clearly that day, she could have cared less. :smile:
  6. Why couldn't she wear a dress?
    Why the frumpy outfit...she's losing street cred.
  7. Hmmm...her shoes look like house slippers. Love her watch though!
  8. Eek. Not liking it.
  9. Is that a Balenciaga Shoulder bag?
  10. ick
  11. She looks terrible here!!
  12. ew this looks horrible
  13. Who let her out of the house looking like that????
  14. Yep :yes: Its the best part of her whole outfit!
  15. She isn't looking too hot here but I still love her :p