Nice, non flowery perfumes?

  1. I am usually very allergic to perfumes and have found very few I can handle. I currently use Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea and like it a lot.

    Any other suggestions? It can't be anything flowery or too sweet smelling. Thanks!
  2. if you don't mind using men's perfume, i suggest Carolina Herrera Aqua For Men :yes:. i bought it for my boyfriend, but i love it so much i use it too :lol:. it has a very clean, fresh scent.
  3. origins ginger essence
    sara jessica parker lovely (even if i can't wear it, it's really nice on most people!)
    fresh sugar and fresh lemon sugar

    those are my favorite non flowery ones. :smile:
  4. You might want to try Heart by Garden Botanika. I get migraines and I can't stand a lot of perfumes, but this one doesn't bother me at all. I don't think they have any stores anymore; you have to order from their Web site.
  5. Jo Malone has some that are great natural scents. I have Fig and Cassis and it's woody and earthy and lovely.
  6. I like Passage d'Enfer, by L'artisan.
  7. Dolce & Gabanna -- Light Blue
  8. Dior Addict 2, smells fresh, like grapefruit and guava
  9. I love Egyptian Musk scents - especially from Angels Essence or Body Time, both smell soft and nice like clean skin only much better. I normally only wear these in the fall/winter but I have actually missed them so much this summer that I have already begun wearing them again. They are not strong scents - someone would have to be up really close to you to smell them. Peggy
  10. I like Be Delicious by DKNY (smells like lightly spiced apple), Incanto Dreams by Ferragamo (fruity and pineapply) best. Guerlain has several perfumes that also have some great scents, everything ranging from tarragon, mint to kiwi and orange. I have their Pampalune and it's very refreshing also.
  11. I second Jo Malone. She has all kinds of scents...flowery, fruity, spicy. My favorites are the Nectarine Blossom and Honey, and Grapefruit.

    If you like green tea, you might also want to try Bulgari's green tea perfume. I think it makes me smell freshly showered...not perfumy, just clean. Fresh also makes some great non-floral scents, too.
  12. Gingerfarm, I love dior addict 2 as well! I use Very cool by Tommy Bahama. Citrus scent that's very fresh and clean.
  13. OOh-the DKNY one that smells like apples sounds good-so do a few others-thanks! I think I will try the Dior Addict and the D&G Light Blue also.
  14. Just ordered the D&G Light Blue-can't wait to get it!
  15. Like someones said :
    Bvlgari Green Tea

    If you like soap and water scents Sephora sells the whole CLEAN line. And I like Burberry Baby Touch. It consists of baby powder and milk.