Nice magenta twiggy for a low BIN:

  1. Oh that's a PF member! Jennifer~

    I hope the current bidder does not get the purse. I have a feeling she will be re-selling for more..
  2. where's acegirl???? oh, ACEGIRL!!!......
  3. Oh darn, I missed the BIN! I just emailed to see if she still has a BIN price...
  4. It's frustrating when a good bin drops from a bid. :sad:
  5. Oh, how I love the magenta color! What was the BIN price?
  6. BIN is back up
  7. It is??
  8. I thought it just was. Now it is gone. ????
  9. it is up again
  10. It is? I don't see one. I hope someone from here emails her and cuts her a deal
  11. the BIN shows up when i do a general balenciaga search but then is not there when i click on the link?????
  12. ^ eBay just hasn't updated their search page.

    goodluck jdy!
  13. i have never seen that. thanks for explaining and sorry for any confusion!!!!!
  14. I'm on crack, I thought it was sold
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