"Nice LV...."

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  1. LOL, I can feel my irritation bubbling under the surface.
  2. Yeah you shoulda educated their a**!!!!!:coolio:
  3. Wow , how crazy is that
  4. the nerve of some people.... :nono:
  5. Makes me wonder if they really were clueless enough to believe theirs were real? Especially with the comment about the initials.
  6. I've been trying to keep in mind that so many people who carry fakes really do think that theyre real. Soon many fakes on eBay being sold as Authentic, and for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. And just the other day a friend of mine sent me a link for a website selling lv and asked if it was real...it looked just like lv, everything was stated to be authentic, and the artsy she wanted as being sold at a discount for $300. If she didn't know me , she would have grabbed it and been out hundreds and thought that she just got a great deal on an authentic artsy!

    So, when I see people flaunting their fakes proudly I have to wonder if they are actually victims of scams and fraud and not just posers.
  7. some people just don't have manners and needs to learn how to be quite.
  8. Whether their bags were real or not they were just plain rude.

    Some people really need to learn some manners before being let out in public!
  9. oh no! i think i would have been so flabbergasted that i would have just stood in shock, at least for a moment. i don't know if i would have laughed at that point or just asked them at which lv boutique they purchased their lovely bags? my dh always says, in situations this bizarre, " if you have to explain it, you're wasting your time". in some instances, this happens to be true, lol
  10. My thoughts exactly!
  11. True. A different way to think about it.
  12. *~*People can be so rude sometimes. You handled the situation very well!! :tup: *~*
  13. I wish my speedy had a plate on it, just so I could slap them with it :bagslap:
  14. LOLOLOL!!! I wish I could have been standing in line behind you, that is just too funny! How can you possibly try to call someone out for not having an authentic bag knowing there's no way you got your bootleg bag from LV??? SERIOUSLY!!!
  15. I'm laughing about how foolish and tacky they made themselves look. To think someone's bag is fake is one thing, to actually POINT IT OUT is so rude; especially if you're wrong! I agree that you handled the situation with tact & grace (I never would have been able to do that :P)