Nice LV Keepsake

  1. Earlier today, my hubby was like "something came in the mail from LV"! I was excited but also confused :-s because I knew I hadn't ordered anything and I'm sure he would've consulted w/ me before buying anything for me. Unfortunately, I'm picky to the point of annoyance :weird: sometimes!

    Well it wasn't a bag... but I really appreciated it all the same! To my surprise I received my HISTOIRE(S) brochure & letter from the CEO of LV North America! Being a newbie to LV and all-- the part about 'Welcome to family" really warmed my heart :hbeat: and definitely made the $8k+ we've spent in leather goods from LV in the last month seem so much more worth it! What a nice keepsake from LV :reading:
  2. Very nice - wish I received one!
  3. That is a very nice touch. Congrats on your pieces;)
  4. I thought so too. Thanks :smile:
  5. Congratulations!