nice LV evening bag...

  1. so I was out on a date w/ my bf tonight and I used my azur pochette...and with it snowing here where I am I decided not to use the strap b/c of the vachetta and it actually looked cute using the pochette as a clutch...will show pics later!

    anyway, while having dinner I started thinking of a dressier bag for evening to go out either formal or to the bar. I was thinking of a vernis pearl Lexington (that's the pochette equivalet) or something along that line...any body have any other suggestions or would liek to share pics of their vernis lexington (if that is the right name for the style i"m thinking of)..

    would really appreciate it!
  2. Vernis Lexington in Perle would look stunning as a formal clutch.
  3. but it would be good for casual too?! well like with dark jeans?!?

    how bout this beige one from let-trade?!

  4. I love the LV Satin evening bags... not sure of the exact name but they are GORGEOUS! They are not being made anymore, 1 time thing, and they are just stunning!
  5. Beige from LT would be excellent with jeans I'm not sure about the color for evening though.

    Megs, you have excellent taste... Monogram Satin Aumônière the ultimate evening clutch/bag...
  6. yeah..I'm kinda leaning on to your side there also....i guess the pearl is a lot brighter white and would probably be a better evening bag since that is it's purpose!

    oh yes, the Satin Aumoniere is very chic evening bag...but I don't think any of the parties I would attend could be that dressy (I'm only 23!)..and it's a lot of $$$$ I guess I am going to be on the look out for a pearle lexington now! haha...
  7. lol... You're young and you should look fabulous. Never know if you were suddenly invited to a wedding at the Nordstrom's mansion. Grrls have to be prepare. Lexington in Perle will be bright enough for the evening and light for those lazy sunny days.
  8.'re sweet pinki. Can you tell me again why the beige is not a good idea?! haha...I am having a impulsive need to press the Buy Now button on's calling to me!

    ahhh..must stop...wapity first...ahhh...
  9. Well, if you're looking for dual purpose bag and just waiting to save some money. The beige vernis will only serve a more dressy casual i.e. like jeans with a really cute top. Or whatever all you young ladies wear today. It's just to dark tannish to me for the evening so it will not bling at night.
  10. Pics! :nuts:
  11. are the end I think I will wish for a pearle instead, it will bring broader use for me (dressy casual and semi/formal wear also). I shall wait (not a strong point of mine)...thanks for the input pinki!
  12. don't know if you're into epi, but i love the epi poch. acces. for a sleek, simple evening bag. my friend's mom has a really nice red one, but i really like the black as well.
  13. I just bought the beige Lexington and it is absolutely STUNNING!!! Not as gorgeous as the satin bags but still beautiful! To be honest, it could serve as a clutch for semi-formal events. It's more of a lighter tan than darker, brown-ish color. Plus, just like pearle, it's neutral and will go with EVERYTHING!!!! It'll definitely be using this one for both casual and dressy occasions!

  14. do you mind showing me pics?! I'd really like to having trouble seeing the true color of the beige in let-trade's pics.

  15. I thought about the black epi pochette...but I like my accessories to pop out that's why I thought of vernis. I also like red bags but may not much too many of my dressier outfits!