Nice Jelly <3

  1. Its simple, confortable, chic, goes with everything andddd cheapppp!!!!! :heart:
  2. very pretty, congrats.
  3. Nice, congrats!
  4. Beautiful
  5. Beautiful! How much are these? Are these still being sold in stores?
  6. Lovely.. I have a pair as well :smile:
  7. I was really on the fence about Jelly shoes, but this picture is kind of selling them to me.
  8. I love these. I am a sucker for bows.
  9. Love this! I have a pair too. :smile:
  10. any idea how much is this retailing at in Singapore?
  11. Very good choice! If I didn't enlarge it, I wouldn't know they were jelly flats!!
  12. Bought mine at either $270 or $280. :smile: The classic colours like black, cream and red might be out of stock already. It has been around since late last year.
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. I have these in black and I love them. Trying to get my hands on a cream pair in a size 8 but they have sold out in Australia :sad:
  15. I love these!!