Nice French wallet? Need ideas!

  1. I'm thinking about getting a new wallet. I'd like something small like a french style wallet - but not too bulky. I'd like a clean look, either black or a neutral shade.

    Any ideas?
  2. I like the LV black epis.
  3. i don;t know why, but everytime people asked for wallet, i would answer LV. how about lv koala? it's cute...
  4. Have you considered a Chanel? I have one that I abolutely love.
  5. Thanks passerby those are some great ideas! I'm seriously thinking about the black with red trim!!! :flowers:
  6. i have an lv epi porte trsor, but my mom has a french style chanel caviar BLACK wallet...$650
  7. ^^See, when I get into that price range (although I would LOVE a chanel wallet) - I start to just think I could get another bag!