Nice Evening bag..

  1. Ok, with the holiday season FAST approaching, I am going to need a "dressier" clutch bag. Up until now I have been using my wittle T & B pouchette as an evening bag when I go out. But I LOVE to dress up for mine and my fiance's work holiday parties. So I don't want to be all beautiful without a much more "dressier" bag. What would anyone recommend? To give you an idea of what I carry.. I must have my cell phone (PDA style) I carry my lip gloss, compact mirror, my keys which has a Lexus key on it and i.d and credit cards (2). Also, I am a very solid color person. I love pink, white, black, or brown.

    Help me!! What should I get?
  2. The Limelight Clutch
  3. maybe something in epi?? i love the red..
  4. The Limelight clutch is absolutely fabulous. I don't know if you can still get it though.
  5. You know, and stone me if you want, but the limelight clutch looks like a pillow case!! LOL!! Only in my opinion!!
  6. They are pretty big yes :p:p
  7. Monogram satin aumoniere! in multicolore! sooooooooo pretty!
  8. How about the vernis sunset blvd. in pomme or perle? Or at the risk at getting "stoned" (lol!) as well, the new chanel quilted clutch?
  9. I think the Sunset Boulevard is perfect! The Amarante color is tdf, I'm looking to buy one but it's sold out every where! I'm hoping I can get one before Xmas. :sweatdrop:
  10. i agree the sunset boulevard in amarante gl!
  11. Sunset Blvd. or Limelight......the limelight is gorgeous!!
  12. sunset boulevard in pomme!
  13. I use the beverly clutch as my evening bag
  14. hm...what about something from the satin line o.0? those bags are pretty darn beautiful! :love:
  15. I agree with the others...Limelight or Sunset Blvd.

    The satin bags are stunning as well!