Nice crackdown on fake bags in USA

  1. Thank you for sharing! I've sent the link on to my co-worker who bought a fake in NYC :graucho:

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Yaaaaahoooooo!!!!!
  3. It's so interesting how counterfeit items are seized. I have a friend who works as an "inspector" of all the ships that come into Long Beach and he says they go on each ship to inspect for stowaways, illegal drugs and arms, and counterfeit items. He "reports" to me what they find when they do find it. It's interesting to hear his stories.
  4. glad to see that someone cares....
  5. Yeehaw! Rope 'em in, and send them on their way - to prison, preferably. :censor: That is what I think of counterfeiters and their fences who sell the counterfeit goods. Until people start going to prison, the behavior will not change.
  6. The fleamarket I visit has two tables of people selling fakes, and another lady that also sells them in her stand. There is a cop roaming the place I suspect looking for firearms, things of that nature, and nothing is done to the respect of counterfit bags. That is probably why half the people you see there carry a fake Coach bag. :bagslap:
  7. ooo yay!
  8. Good news, thank you for sharing it!
  9. Yahoo! Score one for the good guys! :busted
  10. fabulous!
  11. It's about damn time!
  12. Fake bags make me miserable!!!:cursing:
  13. i's about time!
  14. yippee, good news to hear. should have been done sooner, but hey, the system lags a bit sometimes