Nice classy (not to stiff) UPDO

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  1. I need ideas for an updo for a wedding. I am extremely picky. I don't want to look like there is a peacock on my head. I want it look classy, but stylish and I am open to ideas. Include Pictures!!!
  2. [​IMG]I did my own hair at my wedding. I just sectioned my hair and pinned it into a low French chignon. It was elegant and unfussy, and I love it for evenings out as well.
  3. How about this one, it is hot right now! If you're not too comfortable with the height then don't have it as high as Penelope's. I think it is very chic and sexy, I really think you can carry this style off, Minnie.
    Penelope Cruz.jpg
  4. i can't find the inspiration pic i used (it's of ashley judd) but i really love classic french twist up dos....this is the one from my wedding...sorry for the lack of detail. i don't have any good pictures of just my hair and these were the best i could find. it's really stiff looking and kind of bumpy in these particular photos, but if you use less hairspray it won't look that way. i'm kind of a hairspray fiend when it comes to "special occasion hair." :shame: i also like simple chigons with or without some kind of ornamentation :smile: the flowers in the last one are a bit much, but you get the idea.
    1.JPG 2.JPG 7.jpg Hair4.jpg
  5. You did a beautiful job...and looks great with the back of the dress!
  6. I love this too Minnie...if you like the height of it!
  7. TammyD.. ur serious? u did ur own hair? woooow
  8. this looks like a bridal magazine picture!! :love: absolutely gorgeous. i can't believe you did it yourself...and that dress is beautiful.

  9. I love the one with the flowers:love:
  10. I don't like the bun in the back and I don't have bangs now. more please , i am so picky, sorry.
  11. how is your hair now ??
  12. brown straight 4inches below my shoulders about
  13. have you gone to talk to a stylist yet? lots of times they have a good collection of either inspiration pics or a portfolio of ones they've done.

    hope you find something soon! :smile:
  14. Here are a few you might like.
    HAIR-chignon2999.jpg HAIR-updo2994.jpg HAIR-updo2997.jpg a03pttamJessieupbackvu.jpg a03pttamJessieupsidevu.jpg frenchtwist.jpg hair-updo10.jpg