Nice Black Work Bag Idea?

  1. I'm looking for a nice almost classy looking bag in black to carry to work or when I need to dress up. Right now I'm carrying this to work, - Vera Bradley - Microfiber which is very nice looking but it's microfiber and so it's a little too delicate and it doesn't do very well in the rain. It's also the tiniest bit too small to carry everything I'd like. So what I'm looking for is something in the 200ish dollar range or less to carry to work with me that is a little sturdier but still stylish. Black prefered. Thanks girls for any help you can provide!
  2. [​IMG]It is avail in BLACK!

    Hi there- How about something like this DKNY from eluxury. Its on sale right now for $147. measurements are : 16" x 13" x 5". I think would be a good work bag, and reasonbly price as well.
  3. I've often used Coach totes for work/school, they're really durable and practical. Though some are expensive directly from Coach, there are always a lot of good deals on eBay and I'm sure you'd be able to find one within your price range. The outlets also have a big selection, I got an awesome business tote a few months ago for like $180.
  4. So I ordered this just now! Francesco Biasia Handbags Shake It - Shoulder Tote - Free Shipping & Return Shipping I could NOT pass up a 50% off sale on this bag and it's only good until Friday! It was tough choosing between the Cinnamon and the Black tho. They're both sooooooo pretty. I hope I like it when it comes because I won't get the chance to get the cinnamon for that price next week! Does anyone have this back who can tell me how good it is? ;)

    Thanks guys!
  5. I have a Kate Spade boarskin "Sam" bag that I think is a great black work bag. It's classic and is not too "trendy".
  6. I 2nd the Kate Spade Sam - very nice classic bag for work and a good size too.