Nice bathing suit for large chest!

  1. It's time...I'm going to need something decent as we are going in April to Vegas for an anniversary celebration...and I need a one piece that is good for public! Any recs?? I've seen cute ones but know they would look awful as I need major support:wtf:
  2. I feel your pain, but I have found that tankinis work...esp. halter tops...either one piece or a tankini...

    But anyway, go with a halter top, it gives extra lift/ support (seeing as how you tie it around your neck) and a bit of sexiness...

    Ooh, I'll be in Vegas too that month...:yahoo:
  3. Thanks ange - good idea! I haven't tried one. Dh would love to get me in a bikini but I think I'm smarter than that lol - not quite the same gal I was 20 yrs minus 3 kids ago!

    svetty I've heard of that company but didn't know they had suits as well - will check - thanks!
  4. i don't know if they have a big choice, but i think they have a couple and they fit amazing!
  5. Svetty's right, Bravissimo are great!

    If you ever have problems finding shirts that fasten across your chest, Bravissimo make shirts that fir bigger chested girls, really good and great prices too!
  6. I love Miraclesuits. Nordstroms online usually has them.
  7. gemski - Bravissimo is the first store i go every time to when i visit england :smile: And when my mom went few months ago i made her buy me a couple of bras, they are just the best!! I love their halter tops with sewn in bra inside - what a great invention!
  8. I agree with the halterkini suggestion. That's the kind of swimsuit that I find flatters me the most - I'm a 34D, size 8, and hold extra weight around my middle section. The haterkinis I have provide coverage and the v-neck neckline is flattering. Plus, the tops are not totally tight around my tummy, so it kind of just 'skims' over the extra! HTH!
  9. Neat line! Does anyone know what custom duties might be charged for packages shipped to the US? Or does anyone know of a similar US brand?
  10. mangowife, i never had it shipped to Canada even, i know that they do ship worldwide and i supose custom duties will depend on the receipt attached to the package.
  11. 'Shoshanna'- (I think in Bloomies), fits larger chested women better.