Nice bags thru the airport...

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  1. I don't know if some of you also feel the same way, but I always get really worried about having my nice designer bags going thru the airport's security x-ray belt. The trays that they have there are usually very dirty and sticky, and the security personnel are ALWAYS rough-handling all the bags! Like many of you, I don't bring along my nice bags to vacations, but I do bring them to business trips (etc.) that involve taking flights...

    Sooo, is it just me or do you feel the same about airports? Any comments? :lol: :lol:
  2. The gray trays/totes are usually not that dirty from my experience. So I always put my bag in there. It's better than placing it directly on top of the conveyor belt. One of my canvas Coach bags got dirty that way. One of the security guys took it off the tray.:evil:
  3. I am harldy a seasoned traveller, but, it is not my handbags that worry me when is my luggage.

    I won't check luggage, I'd rather UPS it to my destination (NO JOKE).

    I take a carry on and on small planes I flip when I have to check it at the gate with the pink entire flight I am envisioning my luggage sitting on the tarmac, lost, and forgotten - YES - I am neurotic about my luggage. :blink:
  4. I usually put my jacket or sweater on the tray first, then my handbag. I don't worry too much since it's only a minute or so that it's on there. As long as it doesn't sit on the conveyer belt, I'm ok.
  5. I bought black Prada totes for nylon....that way its no problem!!!
  6. I've done a couple of flights with my paddington,and it hasn't been a problem on the tray,though the padlock got a few funny looks from the security guy the first time:lol: . This was March last year,when Paddies weren't absolutely EVERYWHERE yet LOL!
  7. I am pretty worried about this too, I have to move back to France in a month but I am just travelling back with 2 or 3 (?) suitcases and I have no idea how I am going to do with all my bags. I can put some of them in my luggage (what if they get lost...) but not all because they would be damaged...I have to figure this out. I really already thinking about this (a little obsession :smile:). But I think I will do the sweater thing and of course not directly on the belt!
  8. Oh yes - I have these too, and you're right - no problem at all. I still put them in the tray though.:P
  9. Why don't you FedEx (or some other carrier like UPS) them to yourself. You can pack them really well and forward them to your new address. Plus, you will be able to buy insurance for them this way.
  10. How about putting the handbag in a dustbag, etc., before placing in the tray on the conveyor belt?
  11. I just put my jacket on the tray first and put my bag on it.
  12. I travel a lot and always carry a Chanel caviar leather bag. I don't have to worry about it!
  13. Travelling domestically, I worry the whole time my bag is out of my sight and on that belt - I have heard of bag snatchers at the other end, especially if you are held up walking through that tunnel - I am paranoid about my good bags - Travelling internationally, I never take one of my best bags - too much can happen. I guess you brought up something that hit home with me. P.S. Going to Europe in about 10 days - I have the bag thing all figured out way ahead.
  14. Maybe this is a little bit paranoid but I usually bring a plastic bag in my purse so I can put my bag into it and place it on the tray. It makes me feel better.
  15. I almost always wear my Tumi messenger bag when I travel and leave the designer bags at home.
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