Nice Bag sugggestion for hoodies + jeans(alternative to Gucci blondie)?

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  1. Hi,

    For a while I thought my black medium Chanel classic caviar goes okay with hoodies but nowadays the bag seems too formal & dressy compared to the outfit....

    I fell in love with Gucci blondie bowling bags but they are so hard to get!
    I prefer leather bags over fabric ones as they will (most likely) last longer.

    Please a bag that goes well with hoodies+jeans!!!
    I seriously cannot think of one.....................
  2. The LV speedy goes well with jeans, It can be dressed up and dressed down =)
  3. I agree! I carry my Speedy 30 as a casual bag all the time.
  4. Balenciaga!
  5. I wear chanel caviar with jeans and hoodies all the time!
    maybe a bit more clean cut type of jeans/hoodies but i think it's fine :smile:
  6. Balenciaga Classic! Just look at Nicole Richie--always with top and jeans and a black B bag.