Nice and clean!

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  1. #1 Sep 23, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2012
    Cleaned this baby up a bit and I can't stop staring! The patina is such a gorgeous honey color. Makes me want to lick it! :P I can't wait to take her out!!

    Before- are the handles laying down so you can see the dirt more clearly.
    After- the handles upright! Nice, even patina and shiny!

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  2. Do you have any before pictures? Or can you explain what you did?
  3. More details please.
  4. Looks great!
  5. Sorry guys! Lol, too excited about taking her out right now. I just used LMB kit.
  6. No dirt, looks great. Love the honey patina
  7. Nice! I love LMB!!! I haven't had to use it to clean yet, just the protect & condition but its a great product. I'm glad to see the cleaner works.
  8. What specific areas did you clean?

    I have LMB product. Haven't had a need to use it yet.
  9. I cleaned every leather part, zipper pull tab, made in tab and handles.
  10. Okay. Product looks like it worked very well. A job well done.
  11. Thank you! I took my time and told hubby and the kids it was "mommy time" and worked with no distractions. Lol!
    I can't wait to take her out. The patina is gorgeous!
  12. She looks good. Enjoy the stroll.
  13. How does the leather feel after being cleaned / treated? Still the same buttery vachetta feel that it had before hand? :]
    It looks great!!!
  14. Oooh i love it! Very nice :smile: ^ im also wondering how LMB feels too :smile: is it all butta baby?
    Lol i seen some bags that are treated and their wrinkles dissapear. Its like botox for bags :biggrin:

    Enjoy your New to You speedy 30 friend! You make me wanna take mines out now! Lol
  15. Yes, it's still smooth and silky and not as "stiff."
    I feel like weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can relax and look good with my bags. ;)