Niagara Falls, NY anyone?

  1. Hey everyone!

    My 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up in summer and I'm planning on going to Niagara Falls, NY. This will be a two day trip and I haven't been there yet. So I need suggestions for hotels to stay at and what attractions are the best.

    This place is not definite so other suggestions are welcome. I'm looking for a weekend or weekdays getaway, some place that is affordable, not looking to spend more than $1000 for two people. If you have any suggestions, please do share. Thanks in advance.
  2. ^ does it have to be on the U.S. side? I can help you out with Niagara Falls in Canada..we have lots of hotels and 2 casinos here. I know there is the one casino on the U.S. side but the new fallsview one is really nice here.

    Also on the Canadian side you can go to Niagara-on-the-lake for the wine tours..its really nice. Peller Estates is really well known and here is the link:
  3. We just stayed at Holiday Inn (US side), and it was fine. I don't like spending lots of money on hotels-- I'd rather spend it on food/shopping/entertainment. As long as the hotel is clean and safe, I'm happy :shrugs:

    We did the Maid of the Mist ride and it was fun, but WET. You have to wear these dorky ponchos, but I loved it. I definitely recommend it! There's an aquarium, parks, museums.. normal touristy stuff. I also hear there's prime outlets nearby, but I didn't go.
  4. OMG dont stay on the American Side. Its really like a dump compared to the Canada side. We take our family to Niagara falls every few years for a WEEK! There is so much to do!!
  5. Oh yes - the only attraction at Niagara Falls NY is the Outlet mall - and its NOTHING compared to any other outlets in the area - its a complete snoozefest. If I don't go to school in Buffalo, I won't even stop by at all (I stop there for gas LOL)

    I say if you are going to go that far up near the Canadian Border then I would suggest you to cross it and see the Horseshoe falls (something the US side does not have) - and it should still be within your budget as there are economical hotels there as well.