NHGUY, Just Starting

  1. What I have been working on so far. First, I made a round one, as it was a simple shape to produce then I went to a tear drop shape, well all most. These are the first finished ones and I will be working on some more shapes, materials, colors, and refinements from here.

    The tattoo work is 1940’s – 50’s pin up type of look. I really like a lot of the WWII airplane nose art. A friend of mine did the artwork and the local tattoo shop applied it to the bag for us.

    I am also working on my photography skills, as you can tell.

    You feed back, love them or hate them is appreciated.

    CL.ROCK1.jpg RDGIRL1.jpg
  2. bump!!
  3. Very Creative... Can't wait to see the rest... Your photography is just fine, don't worry !! The most important thing is not having blury photos..;)
  4. ur gifted:heart: plz post more
  5. Thanks a lot for your feedback, and positive comments. I have to say, being a person that participates in a lot of forums, that there is a certain undertone that is positive and easy-going in this forum. I guess I've been hanging around engineer types for to long. LOL

    I think I'm going to take the teardrop over to the tattoo shop tonight or perhaps tomorrow night and have some work done on the door. Not sure what type of artwork but I want to get something done with color this time, any suggestions?
  6. Very talented!
  7. Thanks!
    I wish I was going to Disney in 14 days. I was fortunate enough to go to Disney World almost every single year when school got out k-12. Even as a teenager was loads of fun, especially with my brother and extended family. Then about 10 years later in 2000 my wife and I went there on our honeymoon. It was really nice, we stayed on the grounds at The Grand Floridian. (beautiful turn-of-the-century New Orleans type of hotel) You might want to try dinner at The Yacht Club, it was a little pricey but very good.

    Have a great trip
  8. Hi NHGUY and Welcome! Very interesting idea...can't imagine what the tattoo artist said when you asked him/her to work on a handbag!!:smile: Can't wait to see more.

    BTW, I grew up in Portsmouth.
  9. I just finished up my first tattoo. I used a stencil, but over all it was a lot easer than I had thought it would be. Admittedly, it’s not perfect, and the black shadowing did not come out the way I wanted, but I am learning. Also, my tattoo equipment is eBay junk that I bought just for materials and ink testing. But, it’s a poor craftsperson that blames their tools. LOL

    Anyway, this is my latest addition to my collection. Enjoy!

    BTW, Did I update the showcase correctly? I did not see an edit option for the orginal post.

  10. very original I must say. You're very talented and the craftsmanship is amazing. I think you have to ask Megs or Vlad if you want to update your original showcase. However, if you will be adding more stuff later on, I suggest you wait until you have more than having to keep asking to update. But definitely wont hurt to ask.
  11. Those are pretty cool NHGUY, are those made out of sheet metal or are they machined/CNCd?
    Very impressed!! Nice work!
  12. NHGUY - love the idea and the tattoo you did looks great!
  13. Very nice! You are really talented!
  14. wow!! nice bags! very creative :biggrin:
  15. Great bags - really original:flowers: