NFU OH nail lacquers! Flakies, holos, jellies and more . . .

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  1. #1 Dec 20, 2010
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2010
    . . . because I don't do enough Nfu Oh enabling in the regular NP threads . . . (^(oo)^)

    Nfu Oh is one of my favourite brands of nail lacquer - they have a stunning variety of colours and finishes - opalescent flakies, holographics, jellies, glitters, creams, metallics . . . you get the idea! They also make a great line of cuticle oils and nail treatments, as well as nail art glitter & accessories.

    Since it's a little difficult to find info about the brand, I thought it would be helpful to start a thread and aggregate some of the disparate information floating around. Since swatches can also be hard to come by for all but a few colours, it would be great if we can all share swatches here as well (^(oo)^)

    First, a few general facts. All Nfu Oh lacquers are manufactured in France, and the brand is 5-Free. (Ingredients: Ethyl Acetate; Butyl Acetate; Nitrocellulose; Acetyl Tributyl Citrate;Isobutyl Acetate; Isopropyl Alcohol; Adipic Acid/Neopentyl; Silica; Styrene-Acrylates Copolymer;N-Butyl Alcohol; Cl 26100)

    Nfu Oh is sold in the USA via and can be shipped anywhere in the EU from If you are located elsewhere and cannot find a local distributor of Nfu Oh, send an email inquiry to debbie [at], which is the New Zealand distributor, and they will work with you (^(oo)^)v

    So, now that you know where to get them . . . what is there to get? Nfu Oh lacquers are only identified by number, but now you'll have your very own little piggy cheat sheet to lead you to some of the more exciting offerings - what fun! \(^(oo)^)/

    Flakies (#37-#60) - large, opalescent flakes in clear & coloured jelly bases - think glitter on steroids (^(oo)~) Flakies will flash all colours of the rainbow, but tend to skew towards one end of the spectrum.

    • #37 - pearlescent/sheer milky white base (the only non-jelly base)
    • #38 - clear base, flakies mostly red/orange/gold; most densely packed with flakies
    • #39 - clear base, flakies mostly blue/green
    • #40 - clear base, flakies mostly blue/purple
    • #51 - electric/royal purple jelly base, flakies mostly red/orange/gold/green
    • #52 - electric/royal purple jelly base, flakies mostly blue/green/purple
    • #59 - red jelly base, flakies mostly red/orange/gold
    • #60 - black jelly base, flakies mostly red/orange/gold/green
    Holographics (#61-#66) - these are some seriously holographic holos - see for yourself in the swatches that I will also be posting (^(oo)^)

    • #61 - silver
    • #62 - warm peachy beige
    • #63 - pinkish mauve
    • #64 - purple
    • #65 - icy blue
    • #66 - celadon green
    Foil / Metallic (#67-#125) - all the colours of the rainbow, with a shiny, metallic foil finish when dry.

    Glitter (#GS01-#GS14) - white, silver, and gold glitters of various sizes & shapes

    Jellies (#131, #501-#570) - Many of the colours in the "Creme Series" are actually jellies - saturated with colour even with one coat, yet highly buildable. Excellent for dégradé manicures, as a base for layering flakies, or just to achieve that glossy hard-candy jelly look.

    Creme (#132, #301-#499) - classic opaque, milky cream finish

    Jelly Syrup (coming soon) - this is billed as a super-sheer jelly series, highly buildable and thin enough to layer multiple coats without becoming too thick on the nail.

    Part of what prompted me to start this thread was the frustrating experience of clicking through Fabuloustreet's product listings one by one in order to see the swatches. Then, the little piggy made an exciting discovery, which she would like to share with you! Behold, the little piggy's internet sleuthing jackpot! (^(oo)^)





  2. #61


    #61 (middle nail) & #63 (tips & bottle)

  3. Cool thread! Can't wait to hang out in this thread and learn more. Despite that fact that I have such a large collection, NFU OH is a brand that I have never tired.

    i'd like to pick out 2 colors to try for the first time so I can wait to see swatches and info!!
  4. #131:

    I've tried to do this effect with many other lacquers, but the Nfu Oh is the first one that really gives a nice smooth dégradé look. Just pick your favourite jelly colour and you're off!

    To do the dégradé:
    • basecoat of choice
    • paint a narrow french tip
    • paint the upper 1/3 of the nail
    • paint the upper 1/2-2/3 of the nail
    • paint the entire nail & immediately apply topcoat

    done! just needs some edge cleanup, and you're good to go! easy right? just make sure you let the previous coat dry completely before applying the next (^(oo)^)v
  5. Oh my god - I love you, woman! :smooch:

    Nfu-Oh is one of the few brands (along with BB Couture) that I am dying to try. With the names being numbers, it's hard to remember what is what and that is such a great comprehensive list!

    You kick ass, Piggy - this thread will come in handy when I'm off of my ban next month.:choochoo:
  6. Great idea, thanks for all the info piggy.
  7. [​IMG]
    (L to R)
    #59 (2 coats)
    #59 (1 coat) over #131 (1 coat)
    #59 (1 coat) over opaque nude cream (1 coat)
    #59 (1 coat) over opaque black cream (1 coat)
    #52 (2 coats)
    #52 (1 coat) over #570 (1 coat)
    #52 (1 coat) over opaque nude cream (1 coat)
    #52 (1 coat) over opaque black cream (1 coat)

    One of the great things about Nfu Oh's flakies is that they look fantastic when layered over just about anything - not just other Nfu Oh lacquers, but other brands too! Pull out all the boring colours you never wear - all they need is some flakies to make them fun :nuts:

    They're also a handy way to camouflage tip wear and make a manicure last a few more days, if you don't have time to repaint (^(oo)^)v

    I've got some of the clear-based flakies en route, so I'll be adding swatches of those soon, but for now, some closeups . . .

    Attached Files:

  8. Oh thanks Piggy! I've wanted some NFU Ohs but couldn't figure out colors. Now I can!!
  9. OMG seriously thank you for this thread! I spent an hour looking at the fabulousstreet website the other day but it's a PITA to use because it's hard to compare colors side by side... cannot wait to hear more!
  10. I've been trying to get my hands on therm for awhile now! No one stocks them locally and most online stores can't send polishes to Aust!! :sad:
  11. Nice thread lvpiggy! Thanks!
  12. Thank you for this thread! Hopefully #61 and #70 will be in my hands soon!
  13. All holographic lacquers - NOTE THEY ARE NOT IN NUMERICAL ORDER!
    (L to R): 61, 62, 63, 64, 66, 65

    All flakies except 37-40, standalone (no other colour used as base coat)

    Since 37-40 are clear-based, they barely show up in swatches without a coloured base underneath, as you can see here. I'll post comparison swatches over various colours soon (^(oo)^)
  14. Exactly.
  15. Great thread! Thanks for posting piggy, your nails look really good! :tup:
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