NF purse for MEXICO next month. which one?!? help!!!!

Mar 31, 2011
OMG a month ago, when i bought the Alma MM Bleu and Speedy Azur 30, my SA said there wouldn't be another increase this year because they just had one in February. WTH!!! if that's the case, i need to buy my NF now before the increase. the only problem is, i don't know which one to get. As much as i love the azur for summer, i can't have another one in this line. that being said, which one should i get?!? Monogram Canvas OR Damier Ebene?

In the ebene line, i have the speedy 30 and in the canvas i have the Ellipse Sac & Pochette. i need a shoulder bag i can wear all year long. any pros and cons for each line would help..

TIA NF owners!! xoxo

bdw, i plan on using her for my trip to MEXICO next month.. :smile:


Sep 27, 2008
Damier for sure--the red lining makes the bag pop IMO and you don't have to worry about it getting wet if it rains, like you do with the mono. I think Damier NF is the perfect travel bag


Jul 31, 2010
damier~~ because NF is a big bag, under comparison damier will look more understated. and easier to wear it for working purposes. harder to attract unwanted attention while traveling (because this bag is big enuf to be a traveling purse:biggrin:


Jan 1, 2011
Damier Ebene all the way - it's great to travel with because there's no vachetta. And TheMrsKwok brings up a good point about unwanted attention. People are very familiar with Mono, but not always with Ebene.

Good luck choosing and I'm excited to see your reveal!
Feb 2, 2009
One of the greatest appeals for me about the ebene is the fact that there isn't any vachetta! When I was looking at my first LV, I was looking at speedies, and considered the ebene for this reason (I am scared of a hand held bag with vachetta, just because of the lotions/sweat from my hands dirtying it!)

But in the neverfull line, I LOVE it in ebene as well! I have one in Monogram, and I love it! If I weren't planning on finding a graffiti neverfull for next xmas, I'd get another one in ebene!