NF MM mono : again I am stressing and hesitating ...

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  1. Hello :smile:

    I am sorry to post again about the neverfull MM;) ; I am on the way to buy it one in monogram for sure :biggrin: BUT my question is :

    Old model or new model? :greengrin:

    I am not very interested in the small pochette inside because I already have my 3 pochettes, not a problem.

    But I am stressing when I heard and see some issues with the new model in DE and mono. But in the same time, I prefere to have a new brand too :roflmfao: and I love the pivoine/cherry interior too. Any transfere colour? :whistle:

    TIA:wave: to owners of old and new model :sunnies
  2. Life is too short to stress!!! The colored NF's are beautiful. Buy what you really love and just enjoy it...
  3. I just got the NF in mono but i went basic and got the beige interior, but that was just my preference but when I was there the color linings were so pretty so get what you want!!
  4. I'm a little confused about your question. Are you talking about getting the original model preloved vs getting the new one? I think this depends on how much you want a colored interior and if you can deal with preloved. They don't sell the original model in stores anymore. If you don't want the pouch you could always sell it. I've seen them sell on Fashionphile for $425-$450. I own the new model and have had zero quality issues. I am not aware of any in the mono line.
  5. I always prefer new, so I'd say new.

  6. Hello :smile:

    You understood well my question :smile:

    My question is about the "new quality" and all issues I saw on YT etc. About the canvas DE, I saw the difference between old models with a friend'bags and my new speedy 25B ; Canvas is thinner than old model. But my love is okay :P

    On, the guy will propose me an old model on NF MM next week (he will send me pictures). With ou without pouch, I really do not mind ; my priority is the quality of the canvas. Life is short I know but love to keep my bags at least 10 years or more ; when I love it is forever :biggrin:

    BUT as you said ;) "I do not know if I can deal with a second hand handbag:smile:" I have tried for slg and everything was ok (just a really small repair on my small amarante agenda) but for a bag... I really do not know.

  7. Yes color lines are nice :biggrin: but any transfer ?:?: I do not know.

  8. Yes me too :roflmfao: but it is only the quality "thing" for me :biggrin:

  9. :sunnies

    When I am in love I am stressing :P

  10. I have never had any quality issues with my mono neverfulls. They are both new model, one is GM with mimosa and the other is a mon mono. I don't see any quality difference from my old model DE and DA neverfull whatsoever or my friend's old model mono. The only difference is the design on the lining, not in quality. Buying preloved can be nice if you cannot buy new, but then you run the risk of stains, smells etc that might bother you. It's just my opinion, but I would still go new with a neverfull.

  11. I can buy a new brand ; I wanted to know more about the quality ;) And I think you are right :biggrin: ; having a second hang NF with smells or having more risks etc. I did not think about:P

    Thanks for your information about yours new models NF :biggrin: ; I am going to buy it :love ; just need to see "pivoine" or "cherry" or "RB" colour :roflmfao: in real in store :tender:

    I am so crazy about this bag :whistle:

  12. the neverfull is a great bag, that's why I have 4! The colors are such a nice pop of color. Good luck picking a color!
  13. Thank you all ladies for your help :party:

  14. 4 NF :biggrin: Waouwww :woohoo:
  15. I have the New Mono neverfull and have had 0 issues with it. You can sell the pochette on Yoogis or Fashionphile, it'll go fast! Good luck.