NF limited edition vs Delightful

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  1. I like both totes and hobos ! Deciding between this and. A delightful in azur! What is a good choice ? I rotate my bags so wear is not a concern! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465076789.050126.jpg
  2. Any one?
  3. I personally love the palm dots NF. The interior is beautiful and I love the pink on the pochette that comes with it. This will be gone soon so I'd pick this over the Delightful. Such a beautiful summer bag!
  4. Thanks! Thats what I am leaning towards
  5. You're welcome. I think it's just a slow day on here today:sleepy: I'm sure more people will chime in soon. Have you seen the palm dots though in person? I actually really loved the red/blue after seeing in pictures, but once in the boutique the pink was really pulling me to it. I originally bought the red/blue palm dots but decided to return it since what little I put into it just rattled around in the bag. I kind of regret returning because I soooooo loved the vivid colors, but I'm planning on getting the Melie soon so I REALLY don't need both.
  6. Love Love Love mine! I've been wearing it the last month or so and it's become one of my favs!

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  7. Yes I saw it in the store and loved it! I originally went in for the delightful! Melie is beautiful :smile:
  8. Gorgeous! Thanks forsharing! Love the charm too
  9. Thanks, I found a cute pink pom pom at Nordstrom that looks so cute on it too. In the brass plum section, they're only $12 :smile:
  10. Limited Neverfull :loveeyes:
  11. Another vote for the jungle nf I've been using it non stop ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465107533.374600.jpg
  12. Neverfull, and it's limited. You can get a delightful later on :smile:
  13. +1
  14. I'd choose this limited edition neverfull. Even the other items in this print are gorgeous.. toiletry pouch, bandeau..

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  15. Id choose the Delightful. I saw pics of that with chipped paints. Im boring too. Lol!
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