NF GM OR MM and why?


Dec 29, 2010
Philadelphia PA
I purchased the GM Mono NF last Wednesday at Saks and have yet to even take it out of the dust cover and carry it. I was going to make an appointment sometime this week to have my initials stamped on it but now I'm wondering if the GM is too big. I love big bags and I have the Sully MM (could have been bigger)which is pretty much the same size as the NF MM.

The SA told me that the GM would be the way to go and that I would get so much wear out of the bag. I'm worried about the bag being able to hold up with all the problems that people are posting about and if I would get the use out of a GM.

I mainly want the bag for when I'm running errands and down the shore. I don't want to have to baby the bag and I'm sure I will with the Sully.

Do you own a NF? Do you like it? Why?


Sep 28, 2012
I love my NF MM in MONO Canvas.... it is SO versatile! Does not look too big to be a purse when cinched, but has all the room I need of a tote when extended (it really does hold a lot!) To me, the GM is awesome but a bit large to carry for a purse (just my opinion).

I also have the Sully MM (which I also LOVE) However, the bags look totally different and could be used for different purposes since the NF can be a tote.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your decision!:biggrin:


Jul 14, 2012
I had a NF GM and returned it..I just found it too big for every day use which is what I was looking for...It would make a great travel bag.I think it depends on how you want to use it..


Jan 1, 2013
I have the NF MM in Mono and I LOVE it!!! At first I wasn't 100% sure, but now the more I use it the more I'm glad I bought it.

I think the MM is the perfect size - I tried the GM and it was just too big. I think the MM makes it a bit more versatile as it doesn't look like such a huge travel bag! But, having said that, if you're very tall then the GM can look great.


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
The GM is too big for running errands unless you plan to put your purchases (shopping bags) inside it. Now for down the shore, that's different. You may find the GM very useful for holding everything you need for the beach. The price difference between the two sizes is only $50 so I would rather buy the GM and cinch it for days when I need a smaller bag and have the extra room for times when a larger bag would come in handy. But for an everyday purse, the MM is the way to go.

I have the Sully MM too and wore it out for the first time today. It's so comfortable - love!