NF Damier MM or Speedy 30 Mono???

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  1. NF Damier MM or Speedy 30 mono?

    So I am thinking about getting one of these bags.I am looking for a bigger LV bag than the one I already have,something I can keep a lot of accessories in...At first I had my heart set out on the Speedy Mono, but then I kept looking @ the NF Damier MM and am slowly falling in :heart:!

    I already have a small mono LV bag, and just recently purchased a mono credit card holder; ugh, I can't decide :shrugs:! I'm headed back to the LV store on Wednesday and I dont want to buy one bag and feel I made the wrong decision, so I'd appreciate any insite you all might offer, you you or anyone you know has either of the bags.

    p.s.: Does anyone have the mono or mono vernis 4 key ring holder??? Is it worth spending $145/$235 for a key holder??? They are super cute!
  2. Both! Seriously, its a hard choice. Do you prefer handheld or shoulder bags? I have mono speedy 30 and love it but also admire the damier nf. I would test them both at the store and go with your heart.
  3. I would personally go with the Speedy. You can dress it up or down, it's a timeless piece and it looks more trendy...imo.

    Good luck with your decision!
  4. I prefer the Speedy ... and yes, the key holder is worth it ~ esp. if you use it everyday.
  5. I have both the Damier neverfull MM and the mono 35.

    in terms of "the most worth it" - I would go with the mono speedy because you can wear it EVERYWHERE. I often bring my 35 to nice dinners while I would NEVER bring my Neverfull to a dressy occasion. The speedy is also nice because you never have to mess with shoulder straps. However, if I was you, I would get the damier speedy - that way you get the best of both worlds :smile:
  6. I'd go with the mono speedy!! You can dress it up or down! I have the Vernis 4 key holder in Amarante and love it! I've used it everyday since Oct and it still looks great!
  7. Speedy!
  8. I would get the speedy. I wouldn't think that I could love a bag so much, but the speedy is just dynamite!
  9. Speedy!!
  10. Thanks! I am like 80% Speedy @ this point. I will go try both of them and see which one I like best....But I am thinking it will be the speedy:thinking:....And I guess I'll go for the 4 key holder as well! Thanks all!
  11. Speedy!
  12. Speedy
  13. I would recommend the Nevefull!
  14. I like both but the Speedy is a must have
  15. SPEEDY!!!!!!! I love my Mono Speedy 30! Damier Neverfull is too casual, and the straps really hurt unless you carry it almost empty. Also, it's really easy for pickpockets. I love the classiness of the speedy.