NF Damier Ebene MM vs Gucci Jolie tote

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  1. I have been wanting a new NF in Damier, but I thought maybe I should try a different designer such as Gucci. I see they have one similar to the NF. Its the Jolie Tote.
    What is anyone's experience with the Gucci? Or should I stick it out and wait for my NF to be in stock?
  2. I love Gucci, personally love my Guccisma Sukey. However, I don't know if those straps are going to be as long as the NF straps. I can't remember if that is a shoulder bag or not.
  3. I'd wait for the NF. LV canvas holds up a lot better than Gucci canvas.
  4. I love the gucci sukey, but not their totes. i think the NF is a cuter tote than the jolie.
  5. I would wait for the NF. I think LV's canvas and leather would last longer than Gucci's -- it's even easier to clean.
  6. Thanks for your opinions. I have just the mono lv's. And it's killing me waiting on the damier nf! Lol
    I think i was just trying to get my hands on something new.
    Wait wait wait for the Damier :smile:
  7. LV only because it will last longer then Gucci fabric!
  8. i'd go with the NF
  9. LV ....but i'd always pick LV over Gucci guess thats just me :shrugs:
  10. I disagree that LV last longer than Gucci, for I have 4 vintage Gucci's and they are in great shape. However, I am not a fan of Gucci's current styles. I love my NF so it receives my vote.
  11. NF, one of my favorite go to bags!
  12. i would definitely wait for the NF! ;)
  13. Wait for the NF!!
  14. My thoughts exactly! Although the Neverfull is coated canvas, it'd look nicer longer than the Gucci and be much easier to clean. :smile1