NF but which one?

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  1. #1 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009

    So I really like the nf mm but,I can't decide if I like it in ebene or,should i wait for the azur to come out and see if i like it just as well? Which do you ladies and gents prefer more?:shrugs:
  2. I prefer the ebene over the azur, personally, but the azur would be nice for spring and summer coming up. When is the azur due out?
  3. i prefer the ebene over the azur as well.
  4. idk i was wondering the same thing about when the azur would be released.
  5. I have the monogram, the damier and I fully intend to get the Azur when it's out. I just love this bag ! You can't go wrong in any print ! :yes:
  6. Ebony!!
  7. ebony MM
  8. I usually love ebony - the chocolate brown is so yummy, durable and easy to maintain! But since I already have a damier ebony speedy, I'm considering getting the neverfull in another print. I'm thinking of azure or maybe the pink grafitti!
  9. I want the azur, I called my SA and told me they don't know when it will come out
    and the ebony will come here in I am having the same problem as you, which NF MM shoudl I buy?
  10. The Ebony is more durable (can be used in winter) and elegant (looks both formal and casual).

    Go for the Ebony!
  11. If you want somehting more durable take ebony:smile:
    But personally I prefer the Azur-design :smile:
  12. I would go for the ebene but any colour in this bag is great!
  13. I think the azur is a great summer/spring bag. when does the NF come out in azur or is a rumor right now?
  14. i say go for the ebony, we dont even know the release date for the azur one yet!
  15. There is no release date and there is no word on if the Azur is even going to be released. I have the Mono MM, but I do recommend the Damier Ebene, no vachetta to worry about and the red inside is gorgeous!