Next !!!!


    Does anybody watch this show ? I saw it a few times it's hysterical. I saw them filming this once in my neighborhood.

    Its just as bad as ellimiDATE & blind date. :blink:

    What do you think ?
  2. I've seen it couple of times. It cracked me up sometime especially when they got all *****y...I wonder where did they get those people ???
  3. same place they get everyone else, on their website.
  4. That show is crazy! I dislike it alot! my friends ,and I watch it alot though its funny!..OMG pradasmeadow have you seen "DATE MY MOM"? that show is worst..

  5. :roflmfao: yes !!! I forgot about that one. Hold on !!! what about Parental Control ?????? That is sooo :censor: bad too !!
  6. love parental control, I don't know how the boyfriend/girlfriend take it but it's fun to watch.
  7. I've seen Next a few times. I don't personally care for it. Nor did I care for my 12 year old trying to watch it when I wasn't looking. It can get over the top with the sex, boy looking for boy, girl looking for girl stuff. Way too much for someone young who watches MTV in my opinion.
  8. I agree, I was also surprised to see the same sex *Next*episodes

  9. ohh yes Parental Controll! is worst!! its like every other reality mtv show is trashy!...I wonder where they find these people,also who would want to be on that show...I would be embarrased if I was on one of them:blink: ..
  10. There is a very long long auditions list, unfortunately with hundreds of people hoping to be on one of the shows. But as you can see from the results, you don't need to be the sharpest knife in the draw. :graucho:
  11. Disclaimer: I'm not trying to start trouble and I like Pradasmeadow and print*model!:flowers: :shame:

    But I'm just wondering...What's so bad about showing same-sex "Next" episodes?:huh:
  12. I think date my mom is the worst.. The people there can't even act! And they aren't even trying.
  13. I've seen it a few times.

    The one I just saw recently is Parental Control. I thought the idea is just plain weird and the way their kids' gf/bf talk to the parents is like WHA?
  14. i know every time i see how the gf/bfs talk to the parents i just shake my head, one time the gf even called the mother a b:censor:h if that had been my mother she would have picked her up and threw her through our french doors :lol:
  15. It's funny but so stupid. I only watch it when nothing else is on TV.