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  1. so i've been eyeballing MUCHO kooba lately, because as of a few weeks ago, i decided that i would treat myself to a kooba at the end of the summer (i'm going to save for it :yes: )

    i don't really have a budget but i dont' really want to pay retail price. i see ladies gettin deals on all kinds of things so i'm hoping by the end of the summer i'll know exactly what i want.

    Sienna, Charlie, Ada, and :love: Devin :love: are on my list.

    i have a blonde bonnie and i'm in love with her. i'm feelin a big sister. i want a devin or elisha (preferabley devin) so bad but i might want to branch out and get a different flavor ;) sooooooooo

    suggest away ladies, this is gonna be a big decision!!!!!!!!!

    is ebay SAFE to buy koobas? by the way...
  2. Ohhhh Miss Bliss..

    I could 'suggest' all night :lol: There are so many great koobas I couldnt pick just one. I reckon you should try something different, rather then buying one of Bonnies relatives.
    Then you will have more of a variety. Do you prefer one strap, like the bonnie or dont you mind having two-strap bags?

    How big do you want to go? What will you be using it for? Work,play or both??
    I want to have as much detail as possible before I encourage you to part with your cash!! LOL

    As for buying on ebay... I have bought every single one of my bags from there. Its safe as long as you check that the item is authentic or buy from sellers recommended on tPF. Then you have covered yourself to the max.
  3. well i'm doing this RIGHT believe me. my first ebay purchase i coudln't have been happier with, but then again i worked with lexie, so i had ZERO room to complaaaiiiin!

    alright, my budget will probably be 500 bucks, but i'd like to have it be about half that... or like 300-350. i will be flexible but it will take more time, the more money i have to save... (well duh lol)

    i think i prefer one strap, but for the right bag would be flexible. bonnie is ALMOST big ebough for all my stuff, but sometimes i need more room. medium to medium/large would be good. nothing HUMUNGOUS... although i like the ada and people have said it's huge.


    colors are UP IN THE AIR! the white devin is delicious but again, i dont' know if i really want a bag from the same family, and also, white is up in the air for me as i take my bags every where and beat the crap out of them.

    i work at the deli in shaws supermarket, and bonnie sat in my locker there. that tells you what my bags go through. untreated! rain! etc! i'm HAZARDOUS! i love the aging that has occured with my current Kooba, so i'm excited for the next purchase!

    please suggest away ladies. what do you like? check my collection out and advise accordingly. can you break my barriers and change my taste buds when it comes to bags?? my current collection is rather dull hehe.
  4. don't forget a nice drop enough to fit my arm in... although bonnie is the littlest sister of the 3 in that family of bags and it fits PERFECTLY under my arm, so i don't suppose kooba has much issues with bags that have TOO stort of a strap!

    Bravo Kooba!
  5. Jillian in Bourbon is purdy:

    Charlie in black is purdy, if maybe a bit big:

    i want this bag:sad:devin in blonde)

    or black:
  6. kelsey in Java= delish:

    Lena in slate= TDF:
  7. VB--I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I too am at a crossroads in selecting my next bag purchase. It will be my FIRST kooba and I am torn between the Lena in Bark (tdf) and the Carla in either Metallic Brown or Chestnut. They are all beautiful! Out of your choices, I love the Lena, BUT the Devin is also great. I think I now have THREE to select from...
  8. isn't it awfully hard? and i have SO long to choose so i figure by the time it's "purchase" time, i'll either be in a real big jam with too many decisions to make or i'll know what i want for sure!

    the meredith is also delish... this is so hard. i wish ppl could post RL pix of the bags i've listed so far and tell me stories about why they love whatever bag they love etc etc. i want to know everything there is to know about the bags in question before i make a decision.

    :love: kooba you break my heart :love:

    my first kooba was a Blonde Bonnie and she is the most delicious thing ever. :love: herrrrr
  9. well here's a ginger on sale:


    not exactly what you're lusting after but a HELL of a deal!

    i will continue to look for you!

    or you could just get the one you want, also on sale:

  10. Bliss....Turtlejd bought a blonde devin and she has pics, including one of her modelling it, but you will have to tilt your head to view it :lol:
    It looks even better on a 'real person'. I think if you are really smitten for the devin then consider the black one in your final list.

    If I had to pick for you from the pics you posted I would say black devin or the kelsey. I do like the lena ( of course!) but I dont know how easy the slate colour can be matched with everything. If you can match the slate easily to your wardrobe then that would also be the in the final list.
  11. I LOVE my Jillian in Bourbon, I have a few pics of it posted on here somewhere, I'll find them for you.
  12. Kelsey would be something nice and different, i don't really need a "grey" color.... so the lena is on the fence for me...

    but ugh i would love a black devin... it will just make me feel REDUNDANT! hehe
  13. :love: the jillian was my first choice when i started looking a while ago, but i've looked at too many things now so i forgot how much i liked it when i first saw it.

    lexie posted pix of hers, and ranted and raved to me about it, so i know it's a nice one ;) decisions decisions... my brain hurts! :wtf:
  14. Maybe by the time you're ready to get a new Kooba, the fall line will be out??? :tup:
  15. I reckon in your heart you know you reaaaaally want the devin the most, but your just toying with the idea of a different style.

    If a genie came to you right now and said " You have two seconds to choose a Kooba of your choice and it will appear!" know you're gonna gonna say Devin :lol: