Next XL?

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  1. Hi tPF fam....I purchased the Bordeaux laquered XL single. It is still brand spankin new and haven't been worn. My question is I am lusting for a Black one. Just wanted to know your opinions about whether I should get it in laquered or not.

    To me, the BEST thing about the laquered is the leather woven in the chain. I :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: it. But Bloomies is having their F&F sale and would like to take advantage. They have a black but not lacquered therefore no leather in the chain. Can someone explain what "lacquered" means? And I know MJ boutiques don't have F&F however, I saw a thread when iluvmybags mentioned they do have an end of season sale. So here are my questions about it tacky to ask my SA when a sale would be and to hold a the Black lacquered for me? Or should I just purchase from Bloomies the regular Black??

    Thanks in advance for your opinions!!
  2. i thought mj boutiques don't do sales on handbags. only on shoes and clothing. or i could be mistaken.

    the "lacquered" leather has some shine to it as well as a bit more texture. the regular quilted bags are more matte and smooth.
  3. Thanks ajj! I may have misinterpreted what she said then.
  4. ajj is correct. The boutique only marks down clothing and shoes. If you want the black xl single on sale, the f&f sale at boomingdale's is your best bet at the moment. The black might not get marked down at the end of the season.
  5. Thanks tadpole! I am checking out as we speak :biggrin:
  6. Hey CD!!
    I'm sorry if I confused you. I think when I was talking about the end of the season sale, I was probably referring to the scarves (like the one in my siggie!!:graucho:). When they have their sale at the end of the season, it's shoes and clothing only (and that's just collection -- MbyMJ only marks down shoes :tdown:). Last season, the scarves were included and they had a ton of scarves left

    I agree that if you want a Black XL, that F&F is the way to go, whether you get it from Bloomies now or Saks next month or have Nordstroms price match. Black Singles rarely get marked down, so a "special event" may be the only way you'd probably get one for less.

    I have two XLs - one of each (lacquered and regular quilting)! it's a great bag, shape, size and style so I think if you love it, there's nothing wrong with having two. While I went with one of each, I almost went w/2 lacquered (I also love the leather woven chain, not to mention the super soft leather!). As long as you love it and will use it, then why not?! (and I've found this season's black bags to be so much softer than their color counter-parts, so I think a Black XL will be almost as soft as the lacquered bordeaux!)
  7. thanks for the info iluv!!! Always so insightful :smile:
  8. i think iluv did a thread on a comparison with the lacquered quilting and the original?
    I saw the XL single today in black lacquered for the very first time, and I like it a lot! i think the leather in the chain is a bonus!

    however, i'm located in australia so don't know about the deals etc. sorry i can't be more of help :sweatdrop:
  9. I love the Laquered XL Singles, too, and that they have the leather woven thru the chain is just droolworthy, but if you already have that in Bordeaux, maybe you should just order the regular black one thru Bloomies while they still have the friends & family sale going on (20% off) because that will diversify your collection a little bit & the price will be great.

    edit: oh duuuh! I see you already bought it. YAY for you!!!!! Post pix of both your black and bordeaux laquered when your black one arrives. Modelling shots of each is a must! I adore the XL Singles~
  10. LOL no worries cooper..I have yet to take pics of my MJ haul this year. I just get so lazy yet I love seeing other people's reveals :shrugs: