Next winter 2010 season colors : some news

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  1. Hello ladies,

    Just to let you know what a sales lady in Balenciaga - Printemps Paris told me last saturday while I was buying my galet GSH city. I think it's better to start a thread than to write a line in another, as I previously did.

    So the sales lady, told me there will be a khaki, a dark blue, a pink, a beige among next season's colors and suede bags as well ! She told me she didn't see any grey bags for F/W 2010.
  2. No grey? Aw, there goes my hope for an argent look alike. :P
  3. I know !! I love grey too !! It sounded a little bit weired to me when she told me that, but who knows ? Maybe they didn't see the complete list of colors yet
  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for Khaki :smile:
  5. I saw that Khaki will be everywhere this summer, so i'm not surprised Bal is making Khaki bags as well:smile:
    I wonder how suede bags will look like, it can be nice on the City, depending on the color
  6. #6 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
    Thank you for this!

    That's what I have also heard - that there is another dark blue is in the offing for next season.

    So, I will happily miss Canard this time around, thereby giving my bank account a bit of a much needed holiday until July/August, and get next season's dark blue.

    I love how suede looks and feels - but because I use my bags heavily, I won't be getting any suede: I think they may cross-stain with my jeans when wet in the rain, or lose their colour and pile faster and thus, their original appearance, than the chevre or agneau.

    Could the TPFers who own Bal suede perhaps shed some light on the longevity, colour retention and durability of their suede vs chevre/agneau Bbags?
  7. Thanks for sharing French! Hopefully there will be more colors because the ones you menitoned does not intereste me that much, but hey, it's a good thing for my wallet:P And suede bags?? No, not for me. I can't have a bag that can't handle a stain or!
  8. ooh, thank you for sharing! I am interested to see the colours, hope it is not too long before we get some pictures of the colour swatches :smile:
  9. Hmmm I hope there are still more colors than those four. Thanks for the info :smile:
  10. Of course !! It's just a few informations I got while discussing with her ;)
  11. no grey ? no balenciaga for me then :blah::roflmfao:
    noooo another pink??? BALENCIAGA WE ALL WANTS A NEW LILAC HERE:pout::pout::rtr:
  12. Same old, same old.

    OT but French, just realised you owned several GD. I have several too but none's 48 hours! Think that's a good size.
  13. Thank you for the info, suede shoes and bags are hot this year. I am interested in the new dark blue. Btw, galet is beautiful, i love it too.
  14. Thanks for the info, French.

    Yes, as Chloeglamour said; a new Lilac ... available for everyone! That means including europeans :graucho::lol: Oh, and could it be just a little bit dusty in colour, thank you.
  15. Suede sounds lovely. :love: