Next Week I Will Get My St.Jacques In Germany

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  1. Yuppeeeeee! Next week i will get my St. Jacques in black! It's impossibel to buy a St. Jacques in Switzerland at this moment! So i found one St. Jacques in Germany, it's the only one also in Germany at this moment! Why is it so hard to find this beautiful bag?:confused1:
    I'm very happy and i'm looking forward to next friday....:p
    Greetings from Switzerland and sorry for my English!!:sweatdrop:
  2. I thought that the St. Jacques is or is about to be discontinued- am I correct? If yes that might be the reason for your difficulties in finding it. I hope your bag is lovely! Where is it located (am from Germany)-hope you have a nice time in my home country!
  3. Hallo Londonholly, danke für Deine Antwort. Die St. Jacques ist in Köln für mich reserviert! LV Zürich sagte mir, dass die Tasche wohl wieder geliefert wird und weiterhin im Sortiment ist, dass sie aber wohl in Paris angefordert werden müsste. Ob dem so ist, weiss ich nicht - ich bin aber happy, dass ich noch eine gefunden habe. Ich finde die Tasche mit den langen Tragegurten super! Ich freue mich schon sehr darauf!
  4. Hi. I have it in yellow. I love it. I am sure you will love yours.
  5. super, freue mich für dich! :yahoo:
  6. Thank you ipurse and RoseMary! I'm very happy to have found the last one in Cologne! I like the long shoulder straps very much!
  7. Atlantique, I prefer bags one can put on the shoulder too-it`s so much easier to carry around when busy-and the epi leather is very durable and so elegant! Will the hardware be gold or silver? I hope you post pics!
  8. I really like that bag can't wait to see the pics.

    Londonholly I think your right about it being discontiued but I don't know if it's happened already or happening soon
  9. Londonholly, i don't no if the hardware is silver or gold, but it's just the zipper and no other hardware. I like more the hardware in gold - that's why i don't buy an other bag in Epi this year. I have 3 bags in Epi with gold hardware and i like them very much. Epi is very elegant and durable for all days. I will post pics when the St. Jacques is mine....:yes: