Next visit in 4 weeks?

  1. I'm in my 31st week now and last week my doc said "see you in 4 weeks". I thought that I was supposed to be seen more often (every 2 weeks) now that I'm in my 3rd trimester? I had my 30 week sono just 2 days before and the other doc said that I have to do a repeat one in 4 weeks cuz my baby was sleeping on his left arm and he wouldn't let us see it. Maybe this is why she wants to see me in 4 weeks? The only thing is I scheduled my repeat sono in 5 weeks instead cuz of president's week, the doc who performed my sono won't be in the office.
  2. Hmmm...I am a week behind you and I am seeing my dr. every 2 weeks now. Maybe it does have to do with the ultrasound. I would ask next time you are there.
  3. I went in every two weeks after 28 weeks and every week after 35 weeks. I would phone the office and talk to the MOA. Perhaps the doctor didn't realize.
  4. I think it depends on you, your doctor and the pregnancy. I am on my 32nd week and saw the doctor on Monday. When I asked about going every 2 weeks or every week, he said he saw no need at this point. Everything is progressing fine and he had no concerns, obviously if there is an issue I should contact him but as far as setting the appointment, he is doing it every 3 weeks.
  5. I also think it depends on how you're doing. I'm 32 weeks, and am seeing the doctor every 2 weeks, BUT the receptionist sounded really surprised it wasn't three weeks when I made my last one. I think he went with 2 because I'm measuring low -- my fundal height was only 28, so we're concerned about IUGR. Have the ultrasound to check tomorrow.

    However, five weeks sounds like a long time with as far as you are. I'd call and check on that.
  6. pregnancy was totally fine yet I did go in every two weeks after 28 weeks and every week after 35 weeks. This is just standard practice for all doctors in Canada for a normal pregnancy. My friend had some complications and was going in every 3 days. I guess it's different in the USA as it seems as though it is up to the individual doctor. Here it is standard practice that you go in for your pregnancy confirmation/bloodwork, go back at 12 weeks and then every four weeks until you hit 28 weeks. At that point you go in every two weeks and once you hit 35 weeks, you go in every week. It is like this for everyone who is having a normal pregnancy and with every doctor. Just standard practice. I didn't realize that it was up to the doctor in the USA....probably because of the different health care systems.