Next time I hit an outlet..

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  1. Did not really matter last weekend since nothing appealed to me BUT since they were so busy and no real customer service just wondering if someone who frequents the outlets can answer this..

    they have the purses with a RED PRICE (mark down) then they have the shelves that say 20% off, or 30% off or CLEARANCE ....

    Is that 20-30% off the retail price (now the red price) OR an ADDITIONAL 20-20% off that red price? (which would then in some cases make it a friggen steal!!!)

    I know when we do 50% off clearance at my store its take an additional 50% off the red clearance price.

    Its funny Im so uptight about making sure MY customers have the best service but when shopping I don't want help and if I do just ONCE I can't get it :cursing:
  2. yeah. it's additional % off the red price.
    i got a STEAL on a baby bag (using it for school). for some reason, it was 50% off of 20% off...then additional 50% off THAT price. heck yeah.
  3. LoL TY because I was VERY confused and no one to help they had 4 girls at the register and one at the door and no one offering help....We jump on our customers where I work 1) customer service and most don't know how to dress themselves in lingerie so we are the experts and 2) we have massive shoplifters
  4. yeah, the outlets don't have quite the same customer service as the typically have to initiate it.
  5. I tend to get almost followed around at the outlet but that might be because I go in there quite often. I have even asked if I could go in the back (you know they have more stuff in the back) but was told no. :crybaby:
  6. It is kind of sad to say, but i have never even been in a Coach outlet before. The outlets are far away from me and hard to get to, but i am happy to say my first trip will be soon (November)....

  7. My first trip to a Coach outlet will be in Nov. too CoachLover! I am going to San Marcos--- whoo hoo!
  8. they had good sales at coach when i went! they just put alot of the bags 30% off yes the red tag price:yahoo: i have had good customer service at a coach outlet and sometimes no service especialy when its busy
  9. For some reason the outlet here on Hawaii and the one I've been to in New York have had great customer service. I was surprised! I shop at the regular retail stores often and was suprised to get a similar level of customer service from the sales reps at the outlets. :smile:
  10. Really? All the outlets I've been to the SAs are very friendly and imediately tells me if I need anything, let them know.
    The ones I've been to is the Atlantic City (NJ), Lancaster (PA), Hagerstown (MD), Leesburg (VA) and Tannersville (PA). They've all been friendly and talk to customers and such except for the Tannersville one cause I've only been there once and it's Black Friday so....LOL.