Next Step In Weight Loss: Need Advice

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  1. well folks...I am doing a slow route to losing weight. I cut out the regular soda almost 2 weeks ago and no problems. I replaced it with Diet Soda which I know isn't the absolute healthiest thing...but that was a big step in itself.
    So right there I have cut out approximately 1000 calories per day (yes....I drank ALOT) and I haven't really changed any of my other eating habits.
    before I gave up the regular soda I was 155. A week later 150, and now it is that time of the month so I'm at 152 (I'm thinking later in the week it should go down).
    So target goal is to get back to around 130 (I'm 5'5 but I carry my weight pretty well....friends say I look thinner than people 2 inches taller and 15 lbs lighter than me).
    I don't want to go on a diet and then gain it all back...instead I want to change my lifestyle and ways of eating. So I'm doing it in baby steps....if I eliminate everything at once I know I won't stick with it.

    A typical day of food for me:
    Diet soda, Quaker granola bar (one of the ones with chocolate or marshmallows in it)

    If I remember to eat lunch it is either a ham sandwich with mayo on french bread or a bowl of vegetable soup

    Again...if I remember to eat is usually some type of frozen meal that includes white potatos and pasta (like Bertolli's or Skillet Sensations)

    Snacks: Throughout the day I'll snack on potato chips (yes I'm of those big bags every 2 days). This time of year I also grab a couple Hershey Kisses a day.

    So I want to start to revamp my morning schedule. Breakfast: I need something quick....I don't have time to cook in the morning. I typically get up at 7 AM and I don't eat until around 9 AM. I have access to a microwave and a fridge. Ideas?
    Snack: What time of day should I be having a morning snack? (Lunch is usually right around 12 because of class schedule, etc.) Ideas for a quick, healthy snack? Something that can be thrown in my backpack (it can go into a fridge though).

    Sorry so long.....I appreciate any advice! And I handle the criticisms of my current eating habits!
  2. For breakfast try a handful of almonds and a low fat yogurt. For a snack I always have protein bars on hand.
  3. Is there a specific protein bar you recommend? Are there healthy ones that taste good (like fruity or anything)?
  4. Is it possible to replace that granola bar in the morning with some cut up fruit thrown into a tupperware container? How much free time each night do you generally have?
    Your lunch seems pretty healthy to me, except the mayo, but hey...I'm a firm believer that you shouldn't deny youself such things! lol
    Those little frozen dinners never seem to fill me up enough, if you have the time, I would try and cook something a little more elaborate.

    I think it's key to feel a little bit hungry when cutting back and trying to lose weight. Its also important to not eat too late at night...and I struggle with that one.

    I'm alone mamy nights throughout the week, so I'll snack a little bit, but I wont let myself totally pig out. After I've had a little but I usually go and play with my dog on the floor, and do sit-ups while wathing tv...a few push-ups etc. Its my attempt at balancing it all out! I also try to wait to get the mail until I take my dog for a walk to get it which is about 15-20 minutes in total, and use that as motivation to get off my butt! I also take the stairs at work etc. I like to think all these little things help. Okay i know you're really asking about food here...err so anyways maybe this will help some.

    I'm sure others will have better advice,
  5. Be careful with protein bars and make sure to read the back because unless you are using them as meal replacements they can make you gain weight.
    Be sure to read the sugar/carb/fat/protein content.
  6. Try this:

    1 cup of Plain non-fat yogurt, 1 tbs of granola (Quaker is fine), handful of craisns or raisins
    ***aviod the diet soda in the morning. replace it with a cup of grapefruit juice, this juice speeds up your metabolism***


    If you are going to have a sandwich, see if they can replace the mayo with humus. Its a healthier alternative. Also, try replacing a veggie soup with Lentil soup, its has more protein and vitimans that you need than just regular soup.

    Lean Cuisines are great alternatives to most of the current stuff out there.

    For a snack:

    Cut up an apple into slices and put it in a zip lock bag, drizzle some lemmon juice into the bag, close, and shake to get the juice over the slices. This will prevent the apple from browning after its been cut. Put this bag into your fridge and eat a slice with some peanut butter when you feel you need a pick me up. Eat pretzles instead of chips....or even get the "baked" chips.
  7. Try these, Pure Protein bars, they are low sugar and low carbs, very high protein. I have tried many bars and I think they are the best. Peanut butter choco are the best, IMO.
  8. i really like pria mint chocolate bars. they have a ton of protein and fiber in them so they're VERY filling, plus they have lots of vitamins and minerals.

    the thing that makes me gain weight is that i HATE feeling hungry - the things that will prevent that are healthy snacks that contain either fiber (whole grains, fruits, and veggies) or protein (unsalted nuts, lean meat). make sure you remember to eat lunch (eatting often speeds up your metabolism) and switch the ham for turkey and the white bread for whole wheat (i really like nature's own double fiber wheat bread. it's super healthy for you and doesn't taste too wheat-y).

    also, stoufers, the same people that make skillet sensations and the like, own lean cuisine, so they make a lot of their stuff with a healthy alternative. the new paninis and brick-oven pizzas they've just come out with are GREAT, really yummy and not particularly diet-tasting. they also make a lean cuisine version of skillet sensations which is good as well, particularly if you like pasta.
  9. It's only been a week right? Maybe you'll lose more weight just by continuing what you're doing? I've also heard drinking a lot of water works?
  10. Thanks for all the tips so far everyone! I don't have a lot of time in the evening...but when I do buy fruit I usually buy the precut stuff anyways (the fresh stuff and not the ones in the cans). I absolutely love strawberries, pineapple, and apples.....oh and blueberries. I do like Sunmaid Raisins too!
    I'm not a huge yogurt fan...but I like the fruit ones though....are those a no-no for breakfast? Could I do fruit and dip it in a lowfat yogurt and call it a breakfast?
    How about instant oatmeal (right now I have a box of the low sugar apple cinnamon stuff from Quaker)? Is that also a no-no?
    What are the healthy nuts to eat? And how much should be considered a good mid-morning snack?

  11. It has been only a week......but I really want to try to make myself move towards a healthlier lifestyle of eating....and the weight loss is a great incentive for that.
  12. If you still want to eat a granola bar in the morning, Quaker makes reduced fat bars that have fewer calories in them than the regular ones. I eat those instead. You could also use mustard instead of mayo on your sandwich for lunch. The vegetable soup is a good option too. If you eat canned, try to find a low sodium variety. Canned soups can be very salty, and that excess salt can make you retain water, which of course will add pounds. I agree with the previous posters about trying Lean Cuisine for frozen dinners. I also like the brick oven pizzas. I don't eat regular pizza anymore, so the Lean Cuisine pizza allows me to treat myself to some pizza without feeling guilty about overeating.
  13. I would recommend trying Go Lean cereal for breakfast (very high in protein and fiber, and stays with you for a while.) I would also cut out the mayo on the sandwich and use a yummy mustard instead.
    If you like frozen meals for dinner, I would look into the lower fat/calorie varieties. I really like the Boca Chili bowls, very nutritious and high fiber/low fat.

    For snacks, I really like baked chips, such as baked lays. Fat free/low fat fudge bars are also a favorite of mine.

    This is coming from someone who has lost 96 lbs. ;) The key for me has been keeping track of my calorie consumption every day. I use a Weight watchers like system on my palm pilot!

    ETA: As silly as it sounds, Subway sandwiches are been key for me. I find their bread to be very fluffy and low calorie while being satisfying. I eat one for either lunch or dinner almost everyday.
  14. I found the best thing for me, was to be very aware of calories. While don't get obsessively into calorie counting. I knwo if you sign up slimfast online, i think it's free. they'll tell you about how many calories for your goal and what not. give you smaple meals, and also give you a database to look up what things are worth.

    personally i needed to be hit in the head with the numbers to get it.
  15. Do NOT eat the oatmeal that is flavored. It is so unhealthy! Stick the the regular/plain/original and add dried fruit, nuts, or cinamon powder (the cinamon regulates the blood sugar)