Next size up from the classic mini flap....

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  1. Is??? What size? s/m or m/l...I'm confused. I just purchased the classic mini & love the size but dont love the chain length. Its a bit short. DH suggested I go next size up but I have no idea what that is & how it looks in comparison to the mini (worn messenger) & if the chain is any longer. Any help would be appreciated. Pics of the you wearing the next size up, what ever that is, would be GREATLY appreciated as I dont feel like schleping to the city to check. Wonderful DH has been running back & forth for me :smile:
  2. M/L I believe
  3. The m/l measures 10"x6.5"x2.5".
    You might want to try the s/m which measures 9"x6"x2.5". I'm not sure if Chanel is currently making this size though so you might have to go with previously owned. I love this size as it transitions nicely from day to evening. I just find it to be so versatile.
  4. Thank you so much for the clear answer ! Somehow, I never been able to find a thread that states clearly the dimensions. You made my day ;)
  5. 9-inch small is still available at Hirshleifer's NY, as of last week. 1st though, you'll want to ask chain length details... email:
  6. Perhaps this will help:

    5-6" Mini flap: single flap
    E/W flap: single flap
    7-8" Small flap: double flap
    9" Small/Medium flap: double flap (in some countries, this is referred to as small and in others, it is called medium)
    10" Medium/Large flap: double flap (in some countries, this is referred to as medium and in others, it is called large)
    12" Jumbo flap: single flap
    13.5" vintage XL Jumbo or Maxi flap: single flap
  7. It does help. Im all confused as I own a vintage caviar single flap but it looks more of a square than a rectangle. It has only one strap and there is a quilted piece of caviar leather that sits on your shoulder. I've never seen the size in the ''please identificate'' and ''authentificate''. I guess I should post pics and ask an expert. But have you seen anything like this before ? My question is, could vintage sizes differ than the one you just listed ?
  8. Thanks Purse-nality...called Hirsh's...that bag is gone & I'm even more confused...SA said next up from mini is several sizes depending on shape...I said I was not interested in the EW so she still said was several sizes w diff heights/lengths in the bag that are VERY similar but she believes the mini I just got (I measured a total of 42" chain) has the longest chain to use as messenger...but is shorter than older styles. Soho said the next size is med...ALL boutiuques are out but cant speak for dept stores...The SA I bought the mini from in Saks said the chain is shorter than usual, the next size up is med (but that is small in size) but the mini is the only bag you can do messenger. AHHHHH I'm even more confused...I think I'm just gonna keep the mini & deal w the chain length....the more i try it on & look at pics the more I am beginning to like it LOL
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    Yes vintage sizes can differ. You must have this one that is long enough to be worn messenger style.
    If you are asking to have it authenticated, I suggest you post some pictures of your purse in the "authenticate this chanel" section here on TPF.
    Older Chanel purses come in many shapes and sizes, it doesn't necessarily mean that yours is not authentic.

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  10. Thanks you so much for your imput. Its really nice of you. Mine looks like the one you just posted except the hardware. I'll post pics and will have it authentificate. Thanks again :biggrin:
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    Here are some chain lengths...
    If you like the mini size, you might wanna get a vintage mini since its chain length is longer than current minis. Vintage is about 44" and current 40" or so. I believe the m/l is even shorter than mini chain to be worn as messenger style.

    32" - Naked flap (Drop: Single-15.5"/ Double-9")
    43" - mini flap (Drop: Single-21")
    44" - 07A DS reissue 225 (Drop: Single-21" / Double-11.5")
    49" - WOC
    49" - Camellia flap
    50" - 08P Navy reissue 227
    50" - 09C white reissue 227
    50" - 09P blue caviar jumbo
    55" - 09C red caviar jumbo
    60" - 08A gray lamb jumbo

    Ref. ceci
  12. taysmom, SA is right. if you want to stick to a classic CC small purse, mini is best for messenger. next best would be the jumbo, though too bulky for messenger-style...

    another option, but pricier w/ the mademoiselle lock instead, reissue 225, also 9-inch, has the perfect length for your requirement. Hirsh's last black w/ ghw was sold a few days ago, not sure if they still have in shw... other dept stores may still have 1.
  13. Yes, the Small, E/W & M/L classic chain lengths are too short to wear it the messenger style. Jumbo is way too long to wear it that way, unless you shorten the straps with ribbon or special clasp. Mini's chain length is a tad short for some to wear it the messenger style but still the best length for that purpose amongst all the classic styles.
    I have a vintage patent and the new caviar mini, the vintage mini has longer strap. Although the new mini is slightly shorter, I could still wear the new mini messenger style by placing the strap closer to the neck. I am 165cm and have a short torso.
    The other options would be WOCs. I have a couple. I know some think WOCs do the job of the mini. Frankly, they don't! Mini rocks!
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