next season

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  1. when will next season's items become available? oct/nov?
  2. Are you looking for fall and winter 2012 collection are already coming out to boutique. most runway purse may need a special order in lv boutique. which one are you looking for??
  3. i asked the SA how often they receive new bag charms and she said every season. i'm new to lv so i don't know when the next shipment might come. :smile:
  4. Some of them are coming out now. Maybe someone else will know more :smile:
  5. The best way is to go to the LV Store and speak to a SA. They can take your number and call you when the item you want comes in. As far as I know, most of the FW Collection are already in. But they will not be sold online until they fulfill all the pre-orders.
  6. When I went to LV last week- the SA showed me the mon mono agendas and wallets that weren't available yet. I didn't ask to see any bags though.
  7. My SA told me that the new Empreinte totes and the High End line will be in during October. Cant wait to se the new orange Empreinte tote
  8. Any prices ?
  9. I forgot to ask! I did see the Illustration line too --the keychains are $260 I think...I didn't ask about the prices for those wallets or little pochettes. I was tempted to buy one but I was "good":biggrin: