Next Sale on Mulberry Bags?

  1. I'm hoping to get one for Christmas, but have to buy one heavily discounted. Anyway, I'm after either a Roxanne, Rosemary, Blenheim, Bayswater or Ledbury. And preferably an online store as I'm in Australia.

    Any help would be appreciated :heart:
  2. Try the Mulberry Factory Outlet Store in Shepton Mallet, near Bath, UK.

    I got my bayswater oak for £346 (they originally retail fro £495).

    They do UPS delivery but I dont know about international delivery.

    Best thing is to get it sent to a friend in the UK and then they can post it out to you in OZ.

    They have everything, Roxannes, Emmys, Elgins, and BAyswater.
    Be warned popular colours are hard to come by and i called the store for weeks before iI got my bayswater in oak.

    totally recommend.